Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 23C-Journeyman by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 23C-Journeyman
Ellen protested, "Rafe, I don't really think you should be doing things like that right now. Things are getting dangerous and we don't really know what we are up against."

"Checking out these forbidden locations is one way of finding out what we are up against", was Rafe's stubborn reply.

"I've got an idea", Tobal said suddenly.

Then he explained the situation with Crow and Llana and how Crow was going to take one group and start training them to be time travelers and Llana's group would remain within the system but receive the same training.

"Count me in", Rafe said.

"Me too", was Ellen's reply.

"Good", said Tobal. "I will tell Llana to start meeting with each of you and training you in what you need to know. She won't be wearing a med-alert bracelet anymore and can meet you just about anywhere you decide. She won't show up on any of the monitors."

He looked at Rafe, "You could even take her by air sled and drop her off at some of those forbidden locations and let her check them out. Then she could bi-locate out with the information about the area. I think she can only bi-locate to a place she has been before but once she knows where it is she would be able to go back when ever she wanted."

Ellen and Rafe looked at Tobal and at each other and nodded. It seemed like a fairly good plan. They would be waiting for Llana to contact them. In the meantime Tobal would set things up with Llana and get his Journeyman initiation.

Both Ellen and Rafe said they were going to be at his Journeyman initiation. He had almost forgotten about it. The secret location turned out to be a cave. Tobal hadn't realized there were so many caves in the area. He scouted the area ahead of time looking for trails that led into it. He found a safe hiding spot for the things that belonged to his parents and left them in a bundle to pick up later after his initiation.

Finally satisfied that he knew where he was supposed to go he went into the camp itself. No one had said anything about coming early and the late spring weather made travelling a bit uncertain. He felt it was better to show up early than to show up late. It was only a few hours early and they would be expecting him.

He decided the best course of action was to stay on the path and make no sudden moves remembering what had happened with Melanie. It turned out he didn't need to be so cautious. Turning a corner in the path were two guards standing in the middle of the path as a road block. They had a small fire going and there was a lived in occupied look that made Tobal suspect this camp was always guarded.

They greeted him warmly and one guard remained on the trail while he was escorted to a chamber and told to wait. After about an hour of silence someone came for him and again his guide was female. This time it was a girl Tobal knew as Lea dressed in a black robe and hood that covered her honey colored hair.

"Do you seek the Light and Wisdom of our secret circle", she asked as she approached him in the darkness.

"Yes, I do",Tobal replied.

"There is no Light for you here.

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