Crow: The Wrong Believer chapter 4 by Colin Spade

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SUMMARY: the Seekers have found the trail of Crow and his family. and a close friend is with them.

Chapter 4

A man clad in black dyed body armour with a plume of white horse hair on a black steed rode slowly through a camp that was just recently used. He noted the charred grass over the pit, the grass round the pit flattened from long durations of weight. He rubbed at the lower of his back feeling the scabs of his wound reopen. He sighed; he cherished the night with the Queen, but regretted how rough she was. He did not know anybody could get sexually excited over pain. He heaved his left leg over and leapt down. He patted the steed's large neck and tethered the steed to the nearest tree. He liked his steed; the animal was one of the fastest runners he knew the Queen owned, and she gave it to him. Not only did she give him a great steed, she also gave him the company of the most trained men in armed combat, she gave him the men that were trained under Crow, the Seekers. It was not too long ago they changed their name; they were once under control of the man known as captain Raven fifty years ago, and they were known as the Ravens. Due to captain Raven's death ten years ago the men under the name Raven were given a new name by their new commander, they were called Seekers.
He patted his steed once again. From where he stood he studied the camp.
Moments went by and he removed his black helm. The man was in his late thirties, and for a man at his age he was handsome, his eyes were a shade of brown and calm; his hair nose length and sorrel in colour under the sun, but now in the shade it looked to be a fair brown. His chin full of sorrel coloured stubble. He was a man that possessed a personality that was depicted from his appearance; he was calm, very calm and hard to anger; judging from his shiny armour he was a very clean and respected character. The man knelt down before the camp.
He repeated the name in his mind over and over again. He was also a person that could forgive easily, even the man Crow after what it was said he did to the Queen. But due to the night with her he could not forgive him or let him go unscathed.
He removed his right glove and paced round the camp, he found a patch of ground a few paces south of the pit. He ran his hand along the flattened grass; he noted how the grass was only bent one way of a pleasant sleep and the dew of the night that was to cake the grass was not apparent round the pit, the dew began about three meters away. He saw in the camp that two slept north of the pit together, he knew to be the mother and the youngest; and the one he was at slept alone, possibly it was Crow or the older daughter. But he remembers spotting a small patch that was with weight for only a short period. If it was Crow's camp where was he or the older daughter? He knew they would take precautions and have one guard outside the camp; the likely guard being Crow. Thoughts began to form within his mind before he heard a man bellow to his rear.
"Captain Ratin!"
"Here, Sorkil." He called back.
"Captain Ratin, sir. We found something."
Let's hope it is a good give away, thought Ratin.

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