Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 23D-Initiation by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 23D-Initiation
His eyes were blinded by the light as Lea came up to him and told him that they were ready. She handed a second torch to him and lit it.

"You carry your own light into our circle," she told him. "In the Apprentice degree there were two passwords. What were they."

"Perfect love and perfect trust," he replied.

"And what then are the passwords into the Journeyman degree"?

"Perfect trust and perfect love," he replied.

"Remember these passwords," she said. "You will need them to gain entry into our sacred circle."

As Tobal was led deeper into the cave it opened into an enormous cavern. Torches had been placed around at various points for lighting and there was no larger fire in the center of the cave. The smoke from the torches rose and lost itself high in the vaulted ceiling apparently finding escape through some hidden airway. Four small fires marked the four quarters of the circle itself at a smooth and level spot in the cavern. A circle had been formed by dark hooded figures standing silently in a circle. The High Priest and High Priestess were dressed in red robes with large hoods that hid their faces from him. Looking at them, Tobal couldn't make out who they were. The hooded figures around the circle looked eerie in the flickering torch light. He was halted at the edge of the circle.

Lea pulled him forward.

"An Apprentice is among us proven by the elements of nature and of the earth. He wishes to join his light with our own so that our community might be more illumined and our wisdom grow. He further wishes to follow the ancient craft and learn the ways of our sacred circle."

The High Priest came over and stood in front of Tobal staring intently into his eyes.

"I must remind you that this is not a matter to be lightly taken. Your immortal soul will be deeply committed to the path of the Lord and Lady. Do you desire to have your destiny joined with theirs?"

"I do."

"Do you seek the way that reaches beyond life and death? Will you serve the Lord and reverence the Lady? Will you keep secret from the unworthy that which we will show you?"

"Yes," Tobal replied to each of these questions in turn.

"So be it," Child of Earth enter the path of darkness." And stepping back motioned for Tobal to walk in front of him into the circle. But his guide quickly restrained him.

"You can't enter our sacred circle unpurified," she said. Then taking a bowl of water from the High Priest she sprinkled him with it.

"I purify you with water."

She waved the torch over him, in front of him and behind him.

"I purify you with fire."

Then the High Priest stepped forward once more.

"There are two passwords that will allow you to enter our sacred circle. What are they?"

Tobal replied, "Perfect Trust and perfect Love."

"Then lead us with your light into the greater darkness," said the High Priest. "Show us the way."

Tobal's guide tugged him widdershins toward the North quarter and Tobal led the silent party to the small fire signifying the North quarter.

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