The Pale Yellow Girl :) by Fauzia Khan

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SUMMARY: Wouldnt like to give a summary..Just go ahead! Read it.. A true story which I made it happen just to write about it in this section :) Happy Reading...Comments are most welcome

It was just another day - a day with heaps of work increasingly piling up on my head and the clock tickling away with the speed of light. Fortunately its friday and time to go home. Sometimes I like to boast about how exciting it is to travel via trains. I tell this to my non-mumbaikar friends, who listen to me curiously and promise to plunge into this adventure whenever they happen to be in this city 'Mumbai'. But on other daysI wish to have some genie who would bring me back home from office in a flick of time. Today I don't want that genie because I have 'Paulo' in my bag. Hey, shed that confused look from your face. I am talking about PAULO COHELO, the extraordinary writer who weaves magical webs with words. I am in love with the 'author' and with 'author' I mean his work.

Like every other day I preferred my one and a half hour train journey by sticking to 'Paulo', the book.After finishing up 'Eleven Minutes' in exactly 11 X 2 days, its Zahir's turn now. As rightly said pain is pleasure, so I am standing(pain) and chewing each sentence of the book(pleasure). I meet all kinds of people in train.

The smiling ones = just smile if you happen to look them in the eye
The sadists = with the sad and dying facial expressions
Worker bees = busy doing their knitting work
The Add-ons = have too much of style and attitude to match with their designer clothings
The Chatter boxes = God only knows what gossiping they do
The fighters = peace be on them, they could burn you with one single look (be aware)

Since I travel alone in peace with a subtle look, I can't belong to the last three categories. So with the mood comes the diversions and there comes the right expression.

Here is the story about a pale yellow girl whom I met in my adventurous train journey. Today I am wearing the first form. Indeed I have a bright smile on my face. I am happy because I wish to be. There I saw a delicate structure standing just in front of me. I happen to look directly in her eye. I smiled and since its contagious she gave me a stunning bright smile back. Later I realised she was good at hiding her feelings. I could see tears in her small chinky eyes but amazingly she mastered the art of putting a plastic smile on her small round face.

There were several exchange of smiles and she kept wiping her eyes while hiding them beneath thin glasses.She looked like an angel to me, an angel in trouble. What could be the reason of her tears? A heart-break or bad grades in exams or someone hurted her...Umm its awful when you dont get answers. Things kept accumulating in my head and my thoughts drifted from the book to her. I realised my dream, a dream of making somone's day. The plan which struck my mind shortly needed some directions.

Me: Do you have a cellphone?
She: Yes, I have.(A questioning cum suspicious look)
Me: Can I have your number?
She: Why, why do you want it?
Me: I will call you up and tell you the reasons?(the only stunning answer I could come up for that huge 'why' in that tiny time)
She: I want to know it now.

Oh! I am successful with that plan.

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