Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 24A-Catching Up by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 24A-Catching Up
Wayne nodded in agreement. "By then the bottleneck about newbies might be over and there might be enough for us to train. He shook his head in frustration. I can't bring myself to wait in line for an entire month just to get a newbie." Wayne held Char closer putting an arm around her waist. "We've got some catching up to do anyway. Going out to the village might just be a good idea."

Tobal hoped he hadn't made a mistake suggesting they go to the village with Crow and the others. Wayne and Char were just simple people that he liked and trusted. Maybe after they found out more about what was going on they might reconsider leaving the program. He moved on looking for Becca.

He saw Melanie and Becca chatting with some others by the drum circle. They were both in high spirits when he joined them. They partied into the night and talked about what they were going to do for the next month while they waited for their solos to become official and they could receive their sixth chevrons. They didn't have anything to do and Tobal suggested they all go down to the lake and spend a few weeks swimming and having a good time. Tobal was willing to go along and the berries were ripe. He was ready for a vacation from all the fighting any way. The girls agreed and the conversation moved on to other things. Melanie was the first to ask.

"What have we missed about the City Council and the village?" Melanie asked. "We have been so busy the last two months that we missed your meetings."

"Believe me, there is a lot to catch you up on," he laughed. "Let's go find out."

"Where's Llana?" Becca asked.

"That's part of what you missed out on." He smiled and kissed her. She didn't ask any more questions.

They caught up with Rafe and Ellen and sat down to talk. It felt good to have Becca beside him again and he squeezed her hand gently. She glanced at him and smiled back. Tobal noticed Crow was talking with his own group and suspected they were talking about the bi-location and time travel thing. He noticed Char and Wayne were in the group listening intently. He thought about going over there and joining that group but decided against it. His own group had too many things they needed to talk about.

Ellen began the meeting with talk about what was happening with the City Council and the Counsel of Elders.

"We finally got together for a meeting." Ellen told them. "It has been a very rough month for all of us and our lives are all completely changed."

"That's an understatement." Rafe nodded. "Our entire world has been turned upside down."

Ellen continued her story. "The City Council did some house cleaning and there were several new members in it that had not been at the last meeting. The mayor greeted us and apologized once more for the assassination attempt. He and the other council members were relieved that Howling Wolf was all right. All of the new City Council members had known and thought highly of Howling Wolf. That was why they had been selected for the City Council.

It seemed that once a clansman, always a clansman. All of the members of the City Council had gone through the Sanctuary program and many had served on the Council of Elders at one time. The mayor assured us that the entire City Council was behind us and supported us."

Ellen continued. "This time General Grant was not there. The mayor said that the City Council had requested a Federation internal affairs investigation into the entire project but had not heard anything back yet. The bottom line was that General Grant denied any truth in what Howling Wolf had told the City Council and the City Council had concluded Howling Wolf was telling the truth and the general was lying. For that reason General Grant had not been invited to the meeting."