Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 24B-Kicked Off the Mountain by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 24B-Kicked Off the Mountain
Ellen smiled at Tobal and continued. "Howling Wolf appeared at the meeting and offered to teach the bi-location ability and time travel ability to the city if they separated from the military project. He made it clear there was no need for the dangerous machinery and the inhuman treatment of having human beings wired into it. Howling Wolf also called for the release of Ron and Rachel Kane so their spirits could find rest and peace after these years of inhuman torment and torture."

"That's when things got interesting." Ellen said. "Howling Wolf disappeared and Adam Gardner appeared in the room with a full pack of things. He introduced himself to all of us and passed several items around the room for inspection. He said most of them had come from the past but he showed us a couple interesting items that could have only been from the future. He confirmed that he was working with Howling Wolf in continuing the research and training that Ron and Rachel Kane had developed. He also said that explorations into different time periods was continuing."

"By this time we were all quite impressed." Ellen chuckled. The City Council asked for proof that Howling Wolf and Adam Gardner could actually train others and that's when Llana appeared in the room. She told us plans were currently under way for training the first group of time travelers. They would be trained in secret locations known only to themselves."

"My COM unit went off. I answered and found out that all the medics had been kicked off the mountain. We no longer had access to the emergency room or to any supplies. General Grant had evicted us from the mountain. We were not even allowed to get our personal belongings. The City Council was just as shocked as we were and with Howling Wolf's approval decided to use the village as a temporary base until a new permanent base could be built by the lake.

We decided that a permanent base would be set up at the old gathering spot where the massacre had been and requested the City Council provide supplies and communication equipment. The City Council voted and agreed to help. The City Council promised us immediate supplies and provisions so we could continue our medic work uninterrupted. We were to take any serious injuries straight into the City for emergency treatment. The city was also going to raise some permanent modern facilities there for our own use so we would be able to function during the winter."

"Most of us spent that first week hauling supplies to the old gathering spot." Rafe grumbled. "The only good thing is that there were no rogue attacks we know of. We are fairly well settled in now but things are totally different and we are getting our training from the hospital inside Heliopolis."

"I leave for a couple months and look what happens." Becca quipped. "Everything falls apart. Do you think there is any danger from General Grant and his rogues?"

"There is really no way of knowing." Ellen told her. "We are hoping the internal affairs investigation will prevent things from getting any worse."

The meeting gave them all plenty to think about and Becca kept asking him questions long after they had gone to bed.

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