Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 24C-Training Plans by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 24C-Training Plans
"Tobal has already done two months of training with Crow and one month of training with me." She told Becca and Melanie. "That means he is ahead of everyone else and can help each of you catch up. I think the best thing will be for me to teach Tobal and then he will teach each of you. You can all practice together and help each other on a daily basis."

Tobal looked at the others and asked. "What about Ellen and Rafe?"

"I will have to find a way to teach each of them individually." She said.

Tobal nodded, "Rafe wants you to help him check out some forbidden areas. He has them marked on a map and was thinking he could fly you into them on his air sled and drop you off. Then you could bi-locate out of there after you found out why it was forbidden. You don't have a med-alert bracelet and would not show up on a monitor."

Llana pursed her lips thoughtfully. "That's a good idea. Tell him to meet me at my old base camp two days after the new moon at noon. See if both Ellen and Rafe can meet me there at the same time. I can train them together and make further arrangements to meet with them."

"Have you time traveled yet?" Becca asked curiously.

"Just once." Llana smiled. "It was really awesome but frightening at the same time. It's quite a bit like bi-location once you get the hang of it. Grandfather and Adam want to check out all of the areas first and make sure they are safe before they take us there. They are trying to determine the extent of General Grant's activities in other time periods."

She continued. "It's a problem right now because if anything happens to Grandfather or Adam we loose our ability to train people to time travel. That's why Crow and I want to go at least once to as many time periods as possible and learn how to get there and back again. We only have twenty-three time periods available to us and don't want to loose those. No one knows how many general Grant has discovered in the last twenty years."

"How long will it take us to learn." Becca persisted.

"We are hoping somewhere between a year and two years. Very much depends upon the intensity of your training and your natural aptitude for it. We are hoping Crow's group and our group will be ready at the same time so we can work together and help each other out."

"What will Crow's group be doing?" Melanie asked in puzzlement.

"They are going to leave the sanctuary program and get rid of their med-alert bracelets so they can't be tracked or monitored and will be doing the same type of training we will be doing. They will probably be a little faster at the training than we will because we also have to stay within the system and do the work of Journeymen and medics. This group won't have any contact with Crow's group at all until training is complete and we can all at least bi-locate."