Door to Pain by Lezetta Clayton

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SUMMARY: This is a true story!

When you are a child, you are taught to keep quiet. It doesn't really matter to you because you don't know why at that time. You feel it will pass as you grow up. As you grow older, you realize it is not a game anymore. You also realize it is wrong to speak out how you feel. So you are going through life feeling scared and lonely. You feel like if someone found out about your wants and needs, they will make you feel like you wish you were dead like closing a door without the key. That is how you build yourself a door, the door to pain.

Even though you are going through life with the door protecting you from the world, you wish you or someone else had the key to unlocking the door. You want to feel happy. Sometimes, you felt like breaking the door down by yourself. You are scared to open it because you feel like someone might close the door on you.

One day, a woman comes into your life and tries to be friends with you. The woman saw the door between you two and wanted to see what was on the other side. You felt the woman knocking on the door but you pretended you couldn't hear the woman. The more the woman knocked on the door, the more the woman couldn't get through to you. You didn't know why the woman was so determined to come through the door. You feel like if the woman does, will you have to close the door forever? As time went on, the woman talked to you through the door. She told you some things that a woman normally wouldn't say hear from a woman. You felt so comfortable listening to the woman that you wanted to open the door.

The one thing the woman taught you was you had the key with you all the time. You felt so scared when you heard that and you didn't understand. The woman told you it was ok to open the door at anytime and the world wouldn't hurt you.

Day by day, the woman stood by the door waiting for you to open it. If you decided to come out, you will see how much the woman really cares. It was so hard for you to listen to the woman reaching out to you and you didn't know how to respond.

The woman kept on saying you have the key. You kept on listening and listening to the woman. You felt so tired of listening and you wanted to tell the woman how you feel.

You started banging and banging on the door letting the woman know you wanted out. You started screaming and screaming for help. All of a sudden, a teardrop fell down your cheek. The woman didn't say anything to you as more tears came down. You didn't know what was happening to you as the door opened. All of the things you learned as a child disappeared with the tears. The tears were the key to the door, the key to unlocking the pain.