Lockdown - 03 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Re-named from 'The Neutral 3 Incident'.

Chapter 3 Level 5-167 Security Station.

--/Day 3 13:46 Hours/--
--/Lieutenant Giaus' Office/--

Lieutenant Giaus looked like he was in a lot of pain. So he should be, Davan thought, gazing idly at the insta-cast that had been wrapped around his ribcage. Giaus' face was pale and covered in a fine sheen of sweat. This didn't make him look any less pissed off than when Davan had first seen him burst through that doorway. And that pissed off attitude was currently directed at himself, his friend Tenzanin, that scared young man they'd found back in the corridor and the nonchalant pilot, Farn. Currently, they were sat in his security office, all with their hands in clear view, all with a security trooper standing behind them with weapon ready.

"So," Giaus rasped, his breathing light and strained, "what was the psycho's name and why exactly did the shit hit the fan?"

"Don't ask me, never spoke to him myself." Davan said. All eyes were suddenly turned to the scared young Nethrek sitting in their midst.

"Well..." he stammered...

--/Day 3 11:15 Hours/--
--/Docking Bay 619/620 lounge/--

THUK THUK. Tenzanin shot another man that was aiming so clearly at him. The man crumpled back, blood spraying from his two new wounds. Tenzanin snarled, knowing that even with one down, the other guy was the real problem. The one who was almost behind him with a killing shot lined up. Two seconds and he was a dead man. Fortunately, Tenzanin knew, it wouldn't take two seconds to kill him. His thin sword in his right hand he span around, faster than normally possible, lunged at the man and disembowelled him with two vicious strokes. Less than a second.


BOOM. CLANG. DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA. Tenzanin guessed that someone had opened fire at the Legionary, the shot had deflected off his armour and then the Legionary had returned fire. One less gun-wielding maniac, Tenzanin thought, that only left the Legionary himself as a gun wielding maniac in this room specifically.

Farn got to his feet, trying to sprint back towards the door he had entered from. This was not good, this was not good, he kept saying to himself. He collided with a woman, a blonde one that he noticed in passing was damn attractive. Were this any other time he'd consider taking her back to his quarters and sharing his venereal disease with her. But not right now.

Davan slipped his electronic lockpicks into the concealed access port on the side of the door control, the chaotic violence behind him still in full swing. This was a pretty standard door control, he'd handled worse than this before, just slide the first rod in, twist, press the release key on the mechanism and it should... hey, that wasn't how it was supposed to work...

The door next to the one Davan had been working on swished open, the folding steel shutters retracting quickly. Davan cursed, the stampede would be here any second. He squeezed his eyes closed. A moment passed. Then another. No stampede. He opened his eyes, looking at the doorway.

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