Crow the Wrong Believer chapter 5 by Colin Spade

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Chapter 5

"Where, Where, Where?" repeated the Queen Nephenee. She was in a furry of frustration and anger. She sat in her high backed royal chair, the cushions were a black and the jewellery embedded within the beautifully carved oak was black in all sizes and shapes. She wore a black cape that reflected no light and adorned with white and black wolf fur about the hem. She wore a regal dress of blue adorned with a golden chain round her waist and shoulders, the golden chains about her shoulders connected to the golden choker and brooch about her breast. The birthstone within the large brooch was a polished sapphire. She sat back into her chair, her eyes closed while she was massaged her temples. A head ache attacked her and it was painful, every beat of her heart sent a new and even deadlier strike. It was as if a scorpion was stinging at her temples the scorpion started small and grew in power. It was all because of her fear to sleep, even with her new bodyguard she could not sleep, she felt empty inside ever since Crow left. Her emotions prevented her from following the path of dreams.
Nomic was beside her on her right. He wore a plain jet black robe with large cuffs, the large hood over his head produced a dark as night, his robe as well reflected no light. He put his hands within opposite cuffs. He saw the distress in his Queen's expression and knew the cause, but due her fragile emotions he did not bother with bringing up the name of Crow. "Shall I conjure up a spell for your headache, my Queen?"
Nephenee sighed deeply. "No, Nomic." She paused for a moment then yawned. "I and only fatigued."
"Well...Than I'll get you a drink. It will wake you until you see the sun set." He turned away.
"No, Nomic. I don't need any of your spells to keep me is just..." She paused and was silent. She stood and started for the balcony where the noon sun bore down its bright heat. Nomic followed. She leaned against the carved marble railing gazing down at her city, watching her people stream across the streets and entering buildings, shops, and homes. They are like a colony of ants and I'm the human looking down watching them work. The human looking down watching them work. The human who could jump upon their city and kick at the buildings, then run before they had time to retaliate. "Nomic,"
"Yes, my Queen."
"I...I feel vulnerable without Crow by my side. My new bodyguard is bigger, and stronger, but he is nothing like Crow was. He was my one man army."
"He is the enemy, Majesty; he turned his back to all of humanity and the country. He turned his back on you."
"So did I Nomic. Humanity should not live with magic, but I have used magic to regain my youth. I and you have been infused with magic."
"My magic is not so as turning away from humanity. I...Ió"
Nephenee felt tears fall over her cheeks. She could not help herself, it was not only the thought of her participating in the act of magic, but for the loss of Crow, the emotions were mixing. "Magic is not humane! We turned on our Human comrades! How can I live knowing that someone close to me is going to die because of an act of religion, an act of magic, an act I as well as you are doing.

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