Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 25C-Rape by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 25C-Rape
This time he was the one that cut the gray robe and shortened it to become a tunic. He remembered his own Clansman initiation and felt satisfaction as he cut away the fabric of the tunic. It was the first time he had cut a tunic and it was kind of ragged in spots and high. He might have cut the tunic a little short but she was good looking and had nice legs. The shortened tunic looked good on her.

There were eight candidates and later the new clansmen were taken to the sweat lodge for purification and left to meditate. It was a long day and the eight initiations seemed to drag on forever.

After the last initiate was gone he headed toward the circle and noticed that both Melanie's and Becca's students had returned from their solos. They were hanging out by the beer barrel but he still didn't see Melanie or Becca. He walked over to congratulate both of them on their solos and asked where the girls were. The look on both of their faces told him immediately that something was wrong. They were surprised he hadn't heard. Yesterday rogues had attacked both Melanie and Becca. Becca had been raped and badly beaten. Medics had taken her to sanctuary. Melanie had gone with her to make sure she was all right.

There was a hollow sick feeling in the pit of his stomach and he felt like he was going to throw up. He was shaken to his very core by the news and his face turned a pasty gray. He looked for one of the medics to ask for more information and made a beeline in the dark to the nearest red cloaked figure he saw. The medic was busy putting some things in his pack. His back was to Tobal as he walked up.

"Excuse me." He began. "I need some information."

"Rafe!" He shouted.

"Rafe, what about Becca?" He asked urgently. "Is she all right?"

Rafe turned a troubled gaze on him.

"Becca's pretty bad. Near as we can figure four rogues jumped the two of them with clubs while they were climbing half way up the cliff on a ledge by the waterfall. Becca got taken by surprise at the top. They grabbed her and were holding her down and tearing her clothes off. She was fighting back when she was knocked unconscious. Melanie managed to slice one of them pretty bad with a blade before being pushed over the ledge. Becca was already unconscious when Melanie fell over the ledge. She wasn't able to help Becca and prevent the beating. She really blames herself for that. She's lucky she wasn't hurt in the fall."

Rafe continued. " As soon as Becca was unconscious alarms went off on our air sleds and we responded immediately. The rogues left Becca with a couple cracked ribs and took off running when three medics came flying in on air sleds. Tobal, she was raped. " He looked at Tobal before continuing.

"We felt she might have internal injuries and took her to the city for specialized medical attention. Melanie went along as a witness and to fill out the reports."

That was all Rafe knew except they were both at sanctuary now and Becca was in stable condition.

"I don't know who the rogues were. They don't seem to be anyone that is a part of our camp.

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