Loves' Remembered by Guadalupe Gonzales

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These are depictions of the same thesis. However, I entered it in the story section because it is quite lenghtly, even though its probably closer to poetry. This is a true story. It is about my three dear doggies, that were with me throughout an 18 year period. Mommy Daisy, and daughter Amber, I had to put to sleep after no more could be done for them, and as it was too much to bear, I decided that as long as daughter Sandy was not in pain, or suffering, I would keep her, even unto her last day. For you see, I was present on the day that my precious Sandy passed on, and I believe that she waited for me to get home from work so that I could be with her in her final struggle before she passed on. And so these writes are dedicated to them my dearest doggies.
(Note: I use the words,"Gods'epiphany" later in the write, as an example of the many ways that God is able to show his love, not as an offense to anyone.

Daisy, Amber, and Sandy Mae Lou three dear friends that ever I knew, early each morning as sure as the dew, shining my days as the heavens of blue, then Daisys' short days are finally through, Amber and Sandy what else can I do, the years have gone by to me but a few, and Daisy rests there just under the dew.

Eleven short years 77 to you now dearest Amber I'm losing you too, two sobbing eyes longing for you, my stricken heart broken by two, my dearest Sandy what else can I do it's been you thats' gotten me through.
Four shorts years 28 to you, our last night together I sorrowed with you pleading with Mercy please let it be through, I have no schooling know not what to do and trying to comfort no longer helps you. The last breath of air emitted from you, a mighty sword running me through. Cursed the curse we flesh caused on you, that for each year I live times 7 for you. Now in the stillness I wonder for you, awaken my baby awaken please do. Only last year running with you, playing and jumping all the days through, pausing for water and friends you met too, resting by trees and cool lakes of blue, feeding the ducks of which you chased too, and spending my days off fun filled with you, but now I am empty and lost without you, my beloved Sandy forgive me please do, when your time came knew not what to do, and now there's no comfort not without you. O heavenly father please help me get through and keep them for me til my time comes too. All of my doggies a family true, all were faithful all the days through, now it is me that's missing from you, dearest Daisy, Amber, and Sandy Mae Lou.

My dearest Sandy has now gone away, has taken a trip and is now there to stay, along with her sister and mother to play until I can join them I look to that day.
The joy they have brought me I cannot deny, the times we'd go running in fields gosh, oh my, then Daisy would jump in the river near by, and how it would cause her daughters to whine. I'm calling and yelling please Daisy come out, I'm tired of running so fast I can't shout, and Amber and Sandy and me chasing you, running to keep up is all I can do.

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