Elska-Chapter 8 by Acton Bell

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"Ka-Dsk Kara is very fond of the desert. She has four prints of the Skanjorn in her office."
House Ka'al's estate lay near the Skanjorn, Kaen knew.
Us'guin Ilith continued speaking, not realizing she had said anything of import. "She uses any excuse to meet with House De'enth suppliers outside the City." She lowered her voice to House Confidential. "I think House Fe'nix is trying to steal her with promises of letting her work out of their main estate at F'i-jor-e." Her posture bespoke confidence that Kara would never leave De'enth.
Though Kara had taken exaggerated care to stay out of Kaen's path, an action that was fraying Kaen's already worn patience, he had been keeping a close watch on her. The many conversations he had seen her in with Houe Fe'nix's dsk could be explained as an attempt to make her change Houses. Good dsks were highly prized by the Houses and from what Kaen's research had revealed Dsk Kara was very good indeed. But Kaen couldn't rid himself of the nagging belief that perhaps, Fe'nix's dsk was as interested in the woman as he was the dsk. The man's posture had seemed at times too intimate for House Business. Jealousy churned through Kaen.
"It is very warm, isn't it?" his companion said rather breathlessly.
The air in the hestvagn had become oppressively hot.
With a barely perceptible start, Kaen re-asserted the iron control that kept his pyrokinesis in check. Rarely did he lose control in this way.
The air temperature dropped perceptibly. The girl at his side shot him a startled glance and inched as far away from him on the seat as she could.
"My apologies, De'enth Us'guin Ilith," said Kaen humbly, angry with himself. Now the girl was frightened. It was one thing to know House L'u-cif-er produced pyrokinetics. It was another to experience their power first hand.
"Accepted, Head of House L'u-cif-er," answered Us'guin Ilith with a slight tremor in her voice. Then hesitantly, "Head of House, does something trouble you that I might help with?"
Kaen arched a brow. The girl was pushing the bounds of accepted House behavior with her question. He liked her the more for it that she should ask after his unacceptable breech of conduct. He opened his mouth to refuse her offer, then stopped. Kara had shown by her actions that she had no intention of allowing him to address her. If he kept to strict House protocol he would lost this second chance with the woman who was his other half. It was time and past to live up to L'u-cif-er's motto. He would take what he desired with the help of Us'guin Ilith. Decided, he said, "House Daughter De'enth Us'guin Ilith your offer of aide is accepted with all gratitude by this humble supplicant."
Us'guin Ilith's eyes widened and her mouth dropped. Then she recovered, nodding in acquiescence and saying in perfect House conferring boon inflection, "Then speak what you would have us know."