Elska-Chapter 9 (Final chapter) by Acton Bell

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"How may this dsk serve you?"
She felt him moving toward her and fought the instinct to run. She had thought she had made herself indifferent to him, but here, in this room, with the overwhelming force of his personality battering at her mental barriers, she knew she could never be indifferent to him, never cease feeling the elska between them.
He had stopped in front of her, his black slippers in her view. She wouldn't look up, couldn't look up. Then he said her name, "Kara!" A wealth of pain and longing were in the strangled cry. She lifted her eyes. The golden eyes held her as they had so long ago. Only this time they were open, free of shutters, pleading with her. Her shields fell before the onslaught of his need. No words were necessary. They had become one. The past wasn't forgotten, but it was forgiven.
Long moments later they pulled a handbreadth away from one another. "Kara, minn ást," whispered Kaen, his breath warm against her forehead. "I warn you, my love, I have no patience to wait for all the preparations of a large ceremony. We will be wed tomorrow."
"Wed!" Kara pulled out of Kaen's arms, looking at him with mingled horror and astonishment. "Kaen, I can't marry you!"
Kaen held her by the shoulders and stared into her face. "Kara, we've spent too many years apart." She felt his fear through their bond, fear that she couldn't truly forgive him. She covered his hands with her own, willing her reassurance to reach him. "I can't live without you any more," he said.
"I'm a dsk, Kaen. You're Head of House, Head of House L'u-cif-er," she stressed. "We can't wed. It's not done. Your family would be ashamed of me. They might even--."
He stopped her words with a kiss that bound her to him physically, emotionally, and psychically. When she could both breathe and think again, she looked into his face. Kaen was smiling like a young boy. "I am L'u-cif-er," he said, "and we take what we desire. You are my desire. You are my desire, my love, and you will be my wife. Let all others beware."
Then he lowered his head to kiss her again, leaving no doubt that he intended to have his own way in this.