Legends of Atlantis: Sae (chap. 1) by Acton Bell

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SUMMARY: At the height of Atlantis's greatness, a prince is born.

This is what happened when Phorcys was Emperor of Atlantis. Ten kingdoms ruled the Earth and Atlantis ruled over them all.
Phorcys had nine royal wives, many concubines and ladies, and many children both male and female.
In the seventh year of his reign, Phorcys led the combined armies of Atlantis, Mu, and Ys against the rulers of Outreame, and subdued that quarrelsome people. After his victory, he retired with the princes and generals of Atlantis, Mu, and Ys to his hunting lodge in Shushura, which is the farthest border of the Empire.
For seven days they hunted the beasts of the primeval forests: the boar, the bear, the hart, and the hare. The nights were spent in feasting and revelry.
The wines of the vineyards of Lyonnaisse and Gaderius flowed freely into the gold and silver cups. At the bottom of each cup was a golden coin. Each time the cup was drained, another coin was added. Such was the generosity of the Emperor of Atlantis.
Songs unnumbered were sung, for the voices of the princes of Ys are without equal in beauty and clarity.
On the seventh night, Cirridor, Counselor and friend to Phorcys, spoke. "Great Emperor, a wyvern has appeared in the forest. It has destroyed villages, hunted the royal preserves, and devoured peasants."
The wyvern is one of the four great beasts the others being the dragon, the phoenix, and the unicorn. They are cunning and dangerous and sent by the gods to test the hearts of great warriors. The wyvern brings pestilence and death in its wake.
Phorcys's heart beat with fierce pleasure. He rose before the assembled princes and generals of Atlantis, Mu, and Ys. "The gods have issued a challenge, and we shall take it! The sons of Atlantis fear nothing. Let the wyvern beware!"
The princes and generals roared in approval. They beat their hands upon the tables, their feet upon the floor, and rattled the swords that never left their sides.
At the first hint of dawn, Phorcys led the men into the forest primeval. The horses snorted and started. Their eyes rolled in fear for the scent of the wyvern was strong.
A strange mist began to fill the forest. It rose and thickened until a man could no longer see the end of the nose on his face. A strange silence prevailed; not even the creaking of a leather saddle was heard.
Phorcys was alone, but he felt no fear. He rode farther into the forest seeking the wyvern.
He came upon the beast suddenly. The wyvern swooped out of a tree. Only the horse's sudden shying saved the Emperor.
The wyvern's barbed tail pierced through the horse's neck. The noble beast fell dead. The Emperor had trained this horse since its birth and it had carried him through many battles.
Phorcys's rage was without bounds. He cried out and ran toward the wyvern, raising his sword.
The scales of the wyvern are like steel, but the Emperor's anger was so great the stroke of his sword went deep into the monster's neck.
The creature roared. Blood was spilt.
The Emperor was like one possessed. He wrenched his sword from the neck of the wyvern and struck again and again until the monster was dead.
The mist cleared and the princes and generals of Atlantis, Mu, and Ys found the Emperor.

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