Legends of Atlantis: Sae (ch. 2) by Acton Bell

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These are the names of the sons of Phorcys, Eleventh Emperor of Atlantis, by his ten royal wives:
Tiryn and Typhaon, the Twin-Heirs, by Ocypeta, Princess of Mu. Typhaon was second born and bore a birthmark in the shape of a wyvern on his left thigh.
Altas by Eumalia, Princess of Gaderius.
Ampheres by Eurydyce, Princess of Ys. (Ampheres composed the songs in the Book of the Lyre and many others beside.)
Euaemon by Briditte, Princess of Lyonnaisse.
Diaprepes by Alwyn, Princess of Avalon.
Mneseus by Stagyra, Princess of Hellene. (Stagyra was twin to Stagyren, the Giant of Hellene.)
Azaes by Nazhualcoyoto, Princess of Tazcucan.
Mestor by Joser, Princess of Ptah. (Joser was wife to Mogattam, who warred against Phorcys in the first year of the Emperor's reign. After her husband and sons were killed on the field of battle, Phorcys took Joser as his wife.)
Elasippus by Noria, Princess of Ankara.
Sae, by Ceto, who was a commoner raised to royal status.
Phorcys had many other sons besides by his concubines and ladies, but the son he loved the most was Sae.
Sae surpassed all the princes of Atlantis in appearance and intelligence. As a child he confounded the teachers of the Academy with the depth and perception of his questions. "Such a child is a blessing upon Atlantis," his teachers said.
The Emperor grieved in his heart because he could not raise Sae to the position of Emperor Heir. For by Poseidon's Law, only the first born twin son may be Emperor. Sae had no twin, for Ceto bore only one child to Phorcys. But she remained the Emperor's favorite.
When the time came for the Ceremony of the Hair, when Sae's hair would be cut before the court of Atlantis to show that he was no longer an infant, but a boy, the Emperor summoned his counselors Cirridor and Tlascopan.
"I am greatly troubled," the Emperor said. "I have been visited by dire dreams of Prince Sae's future. I fear that when I am gone, his brothers will turn upon Sae and cast both Sae and his mother the Lady Ceto out of Atlantis."
"May the Emperor live a thousand thousand years!" said his counselors.
"Great Emperor," said Tlascopan. "Your fear for the prince is quite justified. He has no friends at the court. They are jealous of his perfection and your love for him. Let him come into my house, for I have no son of my own. I will raise him as I would my own son. There he will be safe."
Cirridor bowed and spoke. "The eminent counselor is correct. The prince would be safer far from the court. But let him come into my home, for I have sons and they will be friends and guards to him."
"But your daughter is engaged to Prince Diaprepes," said Tlascopan. "There can be no safety in your house."
The Emperor pondered all that his counselors said. Then he said, "My heart breaks at the thought of sending my beloved Prince Sae from my presence, but I fear it is his destiny. Tlascopan, you will take the Prince Sae into your house and raise him as you would your own son. Protect him at the cost of your own life."
Tlascopan bowed.

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