The Wardrons by Azzam Siddiqui

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SUMMARY: Six Wardrons return from Earth to a world that is about to enter the darkest times in history and only they can stop the Dark Lords from destroying their precious world.

Although the Forest of Tallis was regarded as the largest forest in the world, Sil-vana knew every creature in the forest as well as the powerful sense of belonging. She had always wanted to live in a forest, ever since she was a child. It didn't matter to her if she was able to control nature and able to communicate with the trees and animals. All she had was the feeling of belonging in a forest. Every animal loved her.
Her graceful, smooth steps whenever she walked barely made a noise, even when she stepped on crumbled leaves which had fallen from a tree all the way up in the canopy of the forest. Her husband on the other hand, was somewhat dismayed by the lack of space. He still loved the forest, but he always wanted to see the clouds and the constant warfare the clouds made on each other which resulted in thunderstorms. Silvana never understood why Tarrant loved thunderstorms. Even when he was a child, while most chil-dren were afraid to look at their windows, he would spring up from his bed and look at the lightning in the sky and imagine that a war was being raged in the skies. It was one reason why she loved him. He was different from all the other boys she had met.
He was a coward when they had first entered Corsiva, unable to wield a blade. He was scared to death, but when danger arose, he would instinctively stand in front of Sil-vana, as if protecting her. They were only children back then, but even then, they had created a bond. That was the reason why they married each other. They loved each other, protecting each other during their dangerous quests. They had gone through so many troubles, but they had emerged victorious together. When Silvana had her first son, she had never seen Tarrant happier. He was normally a grim person, after what he went through with Xirius, but Liam had destroyed that part of him. He learnt to love both his wife and his son. Silvana was even happy to see that Tarrant was sad when he had to give his son to Mentauris to train him in becoming a Wardron. Liam was the reason why Sil-vana stayed in Corsiva. She wanted to see him rise in the ranks of a Wardron. She wanted to see him become the greatest warrior in the world and take the place of his father.
‘Is something wrong, dear?' Tarrant rode up to her and looked concerned.
‘No, why would it be?' Silvana asked him in return. ‘I feel as though this is more of a home than Earth. Do you think we'll ever return there?'
Tarrant let go of the reins of his horse and shook his head. ‘We made sure that everything would be fine in Earth. That was why we returned there for a while. I just want to settle down here, where there won't be any problems.'
Silvana smiled, making her appearance more dazzling. ‘Yes, and I would like to meet Liam as well. He's nearly thirteen, you know.'
Tarrant gently rode beside her. He put his left hand on her shoulder. ‘You don't need to worry about him. I am pretty sure he's just like me.'
‘Then we should be concerned,' Silvana said. She was trying to suppress her smile. ‘We don't want him going to Zorlix and trying to kill Metalyzer.

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