Legends of Atlantis: Sae (ch. 4) by Acton Bell

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"Who has tried to slay Prince Sae?"
"We do not know," said the diviners. "We can not read the signs. But it must be someone of great power who wishes to harm Atlantis."
The Emperor remembered Cleito then. He remembered her vow to destroy Atlantis. He commanded the priests of every temple and the magicians of every sect to pray and chant without ceasing. "Each temple and alter must offer up continual sacrifice until the gods are sated," the Emperor commanded. "Perhaps then they will give us protection."
The Emperor told no one what was in his heart about Cleito, the first Empress of Atlantis.
But Cleito had not tried to slay Sae. It was Cleito's restless spirit that had awakened the Prince Sae and saved him from the handmaiden's knife.
The Emperor commanded all the wives, concubines, and ladies to remain in their chambers. Outside their doors the priests and mages prayed and chanted that no evil spirits might pass their wards. The air was thick with the scent of incense.
In her inner most room, First Wife Ocypeta paced. She had commanded her ladies to wait in the outer chambers. The First Wife was angry. Her spirit had failed to slay Prince Sae and now her son Typhaon could not take the Princess Tuala for his own.
A secret door opened. Cleito entered into the inner most room of First Wife Ocypeta. Her golden eyes gleamed like a cat's.
Ocypeta said, "Who are you and how did you come into my inner most room?"
"There are many secret ways in Atlantis," said Cleito, "and even the Emperor does not know them all."
"Who are you and why have you come?" said Ocypeta. She felt no fear for she was a witch woman of Mu.
"I am Cleito, whom you summoned. I have come to bring destruction to Atlantis."
Ocypeta was wroth. "I called you to destroy that woman, not Atlantis. My sons will rule this city one day."
"Atlantis will fall by sword, fire, and flood. And your sons' hands will be the hands that bring this to pass."
"Never!" said Ocypeta. She flung words of power and magic at Cleito, but Cleito only laughed. The First Wife's magic could not harm her.
Cleito turned Ocypeta's words back. The First Wife fell to the floor. Her limbs grew cold.
Cleito looked into Ocypeta's face. "I thank you for calling me back to this world," she said, "but you should not have tried to kill my human form. I can not forgive that."
Ocypeta saw Cleito's golden eyes. She remembered the golden eyes of Prince Sae. She remembered the white limbed and golden eyed woman her son Prince Typhaon sought. She tried to speak, but could not.
First Wife Ocypeta died, slain by her own words of power and magic.
There was weeping and wailing among the First Wife's women. "Oh, who will the evil spirit slay next? It has killed our lady. What shall we do?"
"Cease your wailing!" commanded the Emperor. "It would displease your lady. No spirit will harm you."
The Emperor ordered all of Atlantis to mourn for Ocypeta, Princess of Mu and First Wife of Atlantis, and Tuala, Princess of Hellene. For one month Atlantis mourned the death of the princesses.

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