The Truth About Dragons by Sean Martin

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SUMMARY: As the title says. Here it is for the first time. The truth about dragons, Santa and the Easter bunny. it will blow your mind!

Let me tell you the truth about dragons. For thousands of years now, dragons have been recurring characters in myths and legends from cultures all around the world. Sure, some of their features might change, you know, wings, teeth, colouring and the like, but the essence, the true essence of dragonhood remains.
Some among you will no doubt scoff. That is to be expected, for the minds of men (and women) are often closed, unable to even begin to comprehend that which does not fall into the realm of the mundane. Somewhere between the early teens and mid twenties, those parts of the brain that can grasp and adapt to new ideas simply cease to work. It is, in part, evolution in action, continuing a process that began farther back than you may be aware.
Think about it. When you were a child, wasn't the world a more magical place? Superhuman powers were yours if you concentrated hard enough. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny could be relied upon to bring gifts (even if they weren't what you really wanted) year after year. And then, one day, you realized that they weren't "real", and the magic went away.
The majority of adults spend their lives doing one of two things: either trying to recapture that magic (through having or interacting with children, or reminiscing over ‘a few drinks' with friends), or trying to pretend that this devastating loss never happened (throwing themselves into work, with no time for even a semblance of a social life). This is a necessary coping mechanism; without it, anything resembling sanity would be lost.
The power of the human mind is an astonishing thing, and not something that the Dragons considered when they created you. As many ‘higher' life forms are wont to do, they experimented with creatures they found around them. Unfortunately, they tired of this after a few millennia, and went back to the metaphorical drawing board. Tired of the hulking great creatures they had been messing with, they devoted their energies to something smaller, less physically imposing and more pliable in terms of intellect. Thus, humanity was born. Okay, it took more than a few tries to get it ‘right', but who ever got everything right on the first try? Powerful these dragons were, but most definitely not infallible.
Anyway, they meddled around for a while, until they were happy with the design. Then, they started having real fun. They divided the world between themselves, each group of dragons have their own little collection of humans to play with. Some sat back, and just watched to see what you would do. Others took a more active role, guiding the development of civilization and assisting with certain tasks such as metalwork and pyramid building. But over the centuries, as they met infrequently, they noticed an interesting thing: there were fewer and fewer of them.
You see, somewhere in their meddling, certain parts of the human brain became more powerful than others. You lost the instinctive parts as you became more social and civilized. And what the dragons did not know was that with the civilization came rationalization.

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