Hunter by Hayden Woods

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SUMMARY: A short story about a female werewolf. Dealing with emotions, two intruders in her home, and a curious situation...

It was a beautiful June afternoon. The weather was perfect, and the town was unusually busy. People were roaming the town's numerous shops, and children were playing baseball in the middle of the square. But to Claudia, the day was just as any other, one where she would continue to suffer. And one where she would continue to search for something that may not even exist.

Claudia is a werewolf. She has been for nearly ninety years. She lives with the burden every day, and she cannot escape it. Since she was turned, she has traveled in pack with two companions, Peter, the man who turned her. And Jon, a man that Claudia had turned in a fit of anger during a brief vampire war over 40 years ago. Together they voyage the country, searching out and running from certain evils, such as vampires and other ungodly kinds of the world. She hates what she is, but she has no other visible option.

Claudia stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. She was finally getting used to the old, leaky apartment. They had been in Riverview for nearly a month. The town was in Pennsylvania, coincidentally very close to where she grew up as a child over one hundred years ago. The town is completely different then it was, she was surprised to hear that it still even existed. She got dressed and went into the kitchen to make coffee. That is when she heard a sound. It was a very low banging sound; she was surprised she even heard it in the first place. She first thought that it was her neighbors. Then she heard it again, louder this time, and coming from the wall facing outside.

She stepped into the living room, and just as she entered, she saw a gloved hand smash into the window. The glass shattered like an explosion; and she couldn't see what happened next until it was too late. A man promptly jumped through the broken window and kicked her onto her side. She was caught off guard; she wasn't prepared for a personal attack. She quickly got herself up and tried her best to think through all of what just happened. The intruder wasted no time, he went for another kick, but she caught his leg and pushed him back into the lightwood coffee table. She directly went for the floor lamp next to the doorway; she tried to swing it downward but he grabbed the lamp and yanked it from her. Confusion overwhelmed her, and she didn't know what to do. She ducked when he swung the lamp at her as he was getting up, he swung it again and missed; she then kicked him in his stomach, and fell back again. Exhaustion was setting in on the man.

She urgently ran into the kitchen and stood next to the doorway. She waited for what seemed like decades, but was only seconds. All she could think about was Peter; he should be here by now. As the intruder stepped in, she kicked him on his side with immense force. She still didn't feel like she could do any of this, but somehow she managed. He stumbled back, and quickly composed himself for battle. He swung a kick and barely missed her as she jumped up and away from him. She came around him fast and jammed her elbow into his gut.

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