Hunter by Hayden Woods

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He yelped and fell back in front of the old 50's style gas stove. He was quick though; he swung his leg and caught her feet. She fell back awkwardly away from him. She felt her whole world fall when she did. He got up without hesitation; he went over to her and she quickly crawled backward, stumbling as she tried to stand up. She couldn't believe that she wasn't dead yet. He kicked at her again, but she moved away quickly. She then jumped on top of the butcher's block in the center of the room; she immediately jumped down on the other side. He came around; and she kicked him straight in the groin. He slowing fell to the ground in pain.

She then ran into the hallway, where another intruder who looked much like the first, was waiting for her. She was somehow prepared for him; she first hid around the corner in the living room. Fear wasn't overpowering her anymore, at least for the moment. When he went to find her, she swung around and kicked him in the center of his chest. He was very surprised at her force. This man seemed very certain of himself. She took advantage of that. She kicked him again, this time a little lower. He went down. She kicked him once more in the head, and then he was out.

She moved into the bathroom to her left and quickly closed and locked the door. She was still completely surprised by all of this, its not the way vampires work. And she didn't know who else would be doing this. She couldn't wrap her head around all of it. Nevertheless, she had to deal with it, she had work through it. She knew that by now the first intruder would be coming off of the pain, and searching for her. That's when she heard the door handle jiggle. It was one of the most horrifying sounds she had ever heard. If it were a vampire, the door would be opened in seconds. She had to think quickly, she had to find a weapon. She searched the bathroom. All she could see were useless objects, a toothbrush, a comb, toilet scrubber, nothing she could use. The man was pounding on the door now; it would open any second. She turned to the shower and saw the perfect tool; she tore off the flowered shower curtain and pulled out the metal rod. At the moment, the door burst open. She could tell that it was the first intruder standing in the doorway. He practically tried to jump on top of her; the bathroom was much too small for an ideal battle. She swung and hit the man on the side when he was mid-air. His jump was halted when he hit the ground; he seemed too shocked to fight back. She hit him over the head with the rod; then once more on his backside. She didn't think the rod could actually kill, but she thought it certainly knocked him out. She started to step over him when he grabbed her leg and knocked her forward. She fell right on the threshold. He quickly forced himself up and took the rod from her hands. She felt completely hopeless; she didn't understand why all of this was happening, and why it was ending like this. He swung the rod downward and hit her back with great strength. She gasped; the only thing she feared now was more pain.

Before he could take another swing, the front door opened and quietly shut.

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