Legends of Atlantis: Sae (ch. 6) by Acton Bell

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A full turn of the seasons passed. Then came a messenger came unto the hut of the holy man and he threw himself at the feet of the holy man.
"What brings you so far from home?" said the holy man.
"I am come seeking the Prince Sae," said the messenger. "No man knows where he has gone and the gods have hidden him from the sight of the diviners."
"And why do you seek him here?" said the holy man.
(Now Sae stood within the shadow of the hut and heard all that was spoken, but he did not reveal himself.)
"O, sir," said the messenger. "All of Atlantis knows of your wisdom and how you are blessed by the gods. It was said to the Emperor, ‘Send someone to the holy man of the wilds, for he knows all and can surely say where the Prince is.' And so my master sent me."
Sae stepped out of the hut and said, "I am Sae. What word does the Emperor send?"
"O, sire," said the messenger, "you must return to Atlantis. We ride to war and the Emperor would have his son at his side."
Then Sae knew the time of peace was ended and he must return to his duties. "I will come," he said, "but go apart from me that I may say my fare-wells."
The servant of the Emperor turned away.
Sae said to the holy man, "Would that I could stay and continue to learn from you, but I must go. The Emperor has need of me."
"If this is your choice, go," said the holy man, "and may the gods watch over you."
"It is my choice," said Sae. "I go freely, but I must ask a boon of you."
"Speak," said the holy man.
Sae stroked Akai's hair. "Where I go is no place for a child. I fear for Akai's safety. Please, I beg of you, let him remain here with you. Raise his as your own. And if the gods will it, I will return for him."
The holy man nodded. "This I will do. He shall be as my own."
Sae bowed to the holy man and kissed Akai. He said to the messenger, "Let us go onto Atlantis." And they did.
The city of Atlantis was surrounded by tents and men of arms from the kingdoms of the world, for Typhaon had set the world afire.
Typhaon fled Atlantis after he slew his brother Tiryn the Twin-Heir and hid in the Wastelands. He cried out in the Wastelands, "What have I done! I am a brother-slayer, and have slain myself. Gods! Let me die here!"
But then his heart said to him, "Yours is not the blame. It is because of Sae, your half-brother. He bewitched you with an evil spirit. The blood of Tiryn lies on Sae's hands, not yours." And Typhaon was comforted by his wicked heart.
"I will go to the Emperor," said Typhaon to his heart, "and he will forgive me and Sae will be slain as should have been done long ago." And Typhaon turned to Atlantis.
When he came to Atlantis, Typhaon saw his household crucified and the children thrown from the walls and their brains dashed against the rocks. Anger burned within him and he raised his hand against Atlantis. "You have betrayed me and turned against your son. Now do I raise my hand against you. I will come against you in fire and blood and you will bow before me."
In secret Typhaon went to the kings of the world.

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