Legends of Atlantis: Sae (ch. 7) by Acton Bell

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Before the season of snow and rain had ended, Sae returned to Atlantis. Eviane remained in Titiri, ruling in the name of Atlantis. She was a wise and gracious ruler and Titiri prospered.
The armies of Atlantis and the Wyvern once more marched to war. They met in the land of Avalon. Now Avalon is a land of marshes and hills and a fog covers the land. And it seemed to Sae that this was not a land to do battle in.
Sae called for the Princes of Atlantis and they met together. Sae said, "This land is not meet for battle. The men will be swallowed by the marshes and our right hand can not see what the left hand is doing."
Prince Altas said, "Shall we retreat then, and let the Twin-Slayer say the men of Atlantis are afraid?" And Sae's brothers murmured angrily.
"Peace," said Sae. "Let no one say the Princes of Atlantis are afraid. Instead let us offer a challenge. Let a Prince of Atlantis face one of the Wyvern in single combat unto the death. The victor will receive this land to do with as they will. The fallen's army will retreat in order and lay no claim to Avalon."
"It is good," said the Princes of Avalon.
A messenger was sent unto the Wyvern, under the flag of truce. The Twin-Heir Slayer heard the challenge of Sae and accepted it.
On the agreed upon hour the two champions came forth unto the Plain of Avalon, where the marsh retreats and the land is dry. The armies of Atlantis and the Wyvern were encamped about the Plain and watched the champions meet.
Azaes, son of Nazhualcoyoto, Princess of Tazcucan, went forth for Atlantis, and he was a mighty warrior.
Diaprepes, son Alwyn, Princess of Avalon, went forth for the Wyvern. He was the brother of Epona, who had once been wife to Tiryn. (Epona had been sent from Atlantis in disgrace and exiled by order of the Emperor. The Wyvern had taken her and made her one of his women, and she bore him a daughter. And the face of the Wyvern's daughter was covered with the mark of the wyvern and she was stillborn.)
Diaprepes was a large man of great strength, and dark. He said to the Wyvern, "Let me go forth into combat, for this is the land of my blood, and none shall take it from me." And the Wyvern agreed with his brother.
Azaes and Diaprepes met within a circle of great stones that stand upon the Plain of Avalon. They faced each other, their armor gleaming in the rising son.
Azaes ran toward Diaprepes. Their swords clashed. Azaes and Diaprepes struck mighty blows upon one another.
The sun had risen high in the sky when at last Diaprepes fell. Diaprepes, champion of Avalon, fell, and his blood soaked into the ground.
The army of Atlantis roared in victory. Azaes lifted his hand and all fell silent. "Avalon is mine. I have won it by rite of arms. All those who follow the Twin-Heir Slayer, flee this land before the sun sets. For if you remain you will fall to the swords of Atlantis."
Then Azaes returned to the tent he shared with Sae to tend to his wounds. Sae entered the tent and dismissed the servants. He undid Azaes' armor with his own hands, saying, "You have served Atlantis well.

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