Legends of Atlantis: Sae (ch. 8-final chap.) by Acton Bell

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When Atlantis fell, Sae left the city and the empire and walked into the wilderness. He sought the holy man and Tiryn's son Akai, the Red Prince. But the wrath of the gods had changed the shape of the land, and Sae wandered for many days.
He came to a land that had once been covered by a great forest. Now it was a desert. And there in the desert was a temple.
The temple had been abandoned by its priests and holy men, and the armies of the Wyvern had razed it. In the ruins lived the Silent Priestess. This was the same Priestess who had been a prisoner with Sae in Eguilal, she whom Cleito deprived of speech.
Sae came upon the Priestess in the ruins, and she was not afraid. By signs and motions, she bade Sae to follow her. She led Sae to a high place and motioned for him to wait.
"Why have you brought me to this high place?" said Sae.
The Priestess gave him no sign, save to wait and to fast.
Sae bowed his head to the Priestess. "I will do as you wish," he said, "for surely the gods have sent you to me."
And Sae fasted for three days and nights upon the high place. On the fourth day a vision appeared unto him.
It seemed to Sae that he stood in a great hall and all around him were the gods of the universe. And they were too great and powerful to behold and Sae bowed before them.
Then a voice said, "Rise and look."
And Sae rose and looked. He beheld the spirit of Cleito before him and it seemed to Sae as if she were a woman of flesh.
The four beasts of the gods the wyvern, the dragon, the phoenix, and the unicorn surrounded Cleito, and when she made to move to leave the circle of the beasts, they snarled and swatted at her. But never once did their claws touch her.
Sae trembled before the sight. "Why have I been shown this?" he said.
And the voice answered. "This is the judgment of Cleito. Through her, Atlantis has fallen and the world is torn asunder. The great beasts will rend her form, and she will be reformed to be rent again. And so it shall be until the ending of Eternity."
Horror gripped Sae's heart. "Why have I been shown this?" he said again.
And the voice said, "You were her vessel. You she sinned against. You shall bear witness."
The great beasts took the limbs of Cleito with their teeth. And her screams were horrible to hear.
"Stop! Stop!" cried Sae.
"Why would you stop us, mortal? Is she not evil? Has she not brought about the destruction of all that you loved?"
"Yes," said Sae, and his voice was quiet. "She has done wrong. But can the gods not grant mercy even to one such as she?"
"Why would you have us show mercy to this one? Did your love not die because of her?"
Sae looked upon the face of Cleito. Her golden eyes blazed with pain and defiance. "Yes," said Sae. "But her eternal suffering can not bring Tiryn back to me. Let it end now. Please." And the last Prince of Atlantis bowed his head before the gods.
Then Sae was alone again in the high place. The Silent Priestess returned for him and led him to the ruins of the temple and ministered to him. When he had taken his rest, the Silent Priestess by signs and motions, made known she would have Sae lay with her.
And Sae would have refused her, for he had it in his heart that he should lie alone until the end of his days, but the Silent Priestess made known that it was the will of the gods that he should do so. So Sae lay with the Silent Priestess and she conceived.
Sae left the temple and the Silent Priestess, and went forth, seeking Akai, the Red Prince.
In due time the Silent Priestess brought forth a girl child. And her eyes were as golden as the sun.