Dawn Day by Kevin Clark

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"Dad, what is a humanoid ‘B'?" asked Alistair.
"A humanoid ‘B'? Where did you hear about such a thing?" he demanded.

Alistair hesitated about giving the source of his incomplete knowledge; such talk of technology is something that's frowned upon these days. Both he and his father knew what a humanoid was, but this new humanoid ‘B' sparked a fear in his fathers eyes.

Since Dawn Day, 8 years ago on October 4th 2050, when Alistair was only 4 years old, no one spoke of, or advancements of technology. Dawn Day was the be-all or end-all for everything that made use of microchips.

Dawn Day was the greatest hope of the world, to bring a new meaning to global domination in the electronics industry. Cyrixal M ltd., the market leader, was to launch their newest humanoid robots that were claimed to have learning abilities. Their abilities were of course capped to reduce the risk of over stepping their predefined boundaries. They were designed to learn more about their particular field and deploy that knowledge for others whilst carrying out tasks that would have normally been performed by humans. The aim was for humans to take a back step and reap the benefits.

Poverty has been a thing of the past since 2022 since they first released prototype models in to the poorest of areas. They were taught the lay of the land and already had all our agriculture, economic, growth plans and various other articles that would be of any use downloaded in to them. This allowed them to adjust and re-act to the environment and thus develop new methods that would produce the best results for that landscape. These could in turn be reproduced over and over and adapted for every environment here on earth and was reproduced and a massive scale. As the humanoids brought new ideas and technologies Cyrixal M ltd. utilised what was brought just as quick, developing and releasing masses of new ‘improved' versions until the biggest discovery of all had been made.

This is what lead to Dawn Day, a collective of humanoids had been working together in the jungle developing secret technologies brought to us from other worlds, not just our own. Nevada (Area 51) incidents were well covered up, the jungle on the other hand was already covered, nothing ever got in and nothing ever got out...alive. It is believed creatures from outer space and parallel universes have been in close contact with humanoids both for technology and supplies. With this, the humanoids were somehow re-engineered by someone or something, which in turn allowed them to take control over their own abilities without the limitations that had originally programmed in to them.
The humanoids over developed, researched and developed again and over the next 10 years up until 2050 weapons, technology, transportation and all manner of other thing made rapid changes.

Travel was easy and population spurts all over the galaxy began, first Mars and then on to other giant rock masses floating around in uniform circuits around suns or other planets.

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