The sacred night of revenge by Daniel Farcas

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46. Almost 50 years past since that cold night of December. I have try to forget, but it is hard to forget something that haunt your dreams night by night, I didn't tell to anyone till now because the one that pass to the horror of that night knows how to keep a secret.
I always wanted to lay down this simple and true words, which read, shall flow through mans mind and soul making him think to his sins. And so, the deep of the story revival once again...
It was a night with full moon and a dense, black fog was in the air. We had fallowed many times with my cousin Alex the long road on the meadow which leads us to the grandparent's house; once we heard that that it might be a shortcut by the forest which appeared some steps away from the road, but the peasants didn't adventure throw that places.
We have been working a lot that day and we were very tired, I knew in my mind that thanked the sane thing Alex, he was searching for a quicker way to the hot meal and the soft sheets that waited us. Soon, as they if having an understanding our steps walk to the path that lead to the hearth of the forest. It was a grave silent, the wind stopped blowing and the cold has entered in our bones making the need for sleep more overwhelming.
At one moment we have the sensation that we walk in circles; that we are in real labyrinth with no way out.
-It is almost midnight, Alex said, if we have kept the road across the meadow we have been arrive by now. He was right. I've looked around me and suddenly I seem to see a glim light somewhere faraway. I was advancing with difficulty, with my coat hood over my head because of the cold, our feet started to shiver, but the small light that we saw closer and closer light up the hope of a warm bed.
Finally we reach a stone crucifix in which burned a candle. We were disappointment, we knew that somewhere must be a house nearby, but we didn't see it, when we heard an old man voice:
-Travelers, walk along the fallen tree and you will reach my house. The man who said these words was nowhere to find as if he was hiding.
-Thanks, good man; Alex answered, signing me to go.
-I ask you something, boy; the old voice of the man said again, tell to my old woman that I will come home after I finish digging here and put that candle out.
Alex liked his fingers and he extinguishes the candle.
The house was hide by the trees and sunken in darkness. You could pass at some steps away from her and didn't know it was there. From the window you can see the fire still burning smoldering in the stove.
We have knock on the door and yell some wail until in the doorway appeared a man and behind him were the silhouette of two women's. We didn't even begin to tell them our story and the women's put a bowl full of hot gruel in front of us. We felt in a pleasant torpid state on the big divan in the kitchen when I remembered what the old man asked us to tell his wife.
-Your man said will be late home after he finished digging.
On the face of the old woman horror started to be read, she stare at me with her look and said:
-My man passed away seven years ago, said the old woman sitting by the oven.

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