The mystery of the amphora by Daniel Farcas

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My grandfather was a great collector of antiquities. The historic artifacts transformed the house in a real museum, the old paints, statues, books invaded al the corners of the rooms and you can find them exactly were you didn't expect.
But what cached everyone attention that entered inside the house was a big amphora, made of clay, painted in bright colors.
This huge pot had inscription in mystic hieroglyphs which impose fear and respect.
There was even a legend regarding this urn, the story goes that inside her indwell a malefic demon which have been trapped there when he shelter inside during night time.
But my grandfather didn't believe in such stories and he wouldn't break the wax seal of the amphora just to prove us there was nothing truths in that story.
So, neither do I give attention to those superstitions till one day when I wanted to move the amphora from her place, and by mistake I pull her down, and then I heart a strange sound. I put her immediately to her place, but it was too late, the amphora had a crack line.
Latter that night she started to sing, it was a melodiously sound which rise and come down in a creepy key note, the demon awaked.
Each night the song followed me in my childish dreams, freighting me, making me think about the spirit in that urn.
One evening, my grandfather cam with a logical explication to what's happening: the amphora contain a gas and in the evening when we start the fire in the oven the gas dilated and escaped throw the crack line making the sound we hear.
I felt relive as if in some way I have escaped from an old, powerful enemy.
Soon I was going to leave my grandparent's house, and return only in holiday's time.
My grandfather died in a late autumn. One of his wish was to donate the antiquities to a museum interested in the marvelous old thinks. Among those was the amphora, many people advice us to bury it in the forest or throw it in the sea, but we ignored that superstition. The transport of the antiquities was made at night with a small truck in which was crowd all the things together with the amphora.
The cars left but never reach his destination.
The next day people found on the road some paintings, statuette and books which felt down from the truck, the last one was amphora, broke in pieces. The demon has been release.