Enemies beyond dead by Daniel Farcas

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No one in the village knew exactly from where the hatred between brothers started. It was said that an old woman from there family throw the evil seed among the boys, a woman that liked to make people hate each other as the devil like to put his tale were is something beautiful.
There mother try to settle there acrimonious quarrels with the good word, making them understand they don't have anyone but each other and that they were together since they were little, but in vain.
Marian heated to death his brother Cornel; he was capable to cut his right hand just to see his brother suffering. Cornel in change was a calculated man with an evil intelligence; he liked to make him suffer in silence. While Marian didn't hesitate to tell anyone who would like to listen about his mean brother, making everyone know his despise to Cornel; which already started to isolate Marian.
First he tacked all his friend one by one and this hurt Marian when the only people that could trust started to ignore him, making him feel bad. Luckily he had Ioana, his fiancée, which made him feel better.
But Cornel didn't stopped here, he was thinking carefully each step, the job followed next, he arranged to be dismissed from the factory and when Ioana left Marian for Cornel nobody was surprised. Although Cornel saw the life slowly sloop from his enemy body, he oppressed his feelings even if in that human been was the same blood as in his veins. There last meting was in December evening. An evil idea blossom in Cornel mind, he decided to start over in a new city, away from where the whole thing started, leaving Marian to die without peace and never knowing where he is.
Marian felt that when he looked in his eyes in that cold December night when they saw each other for the last time.
"-I'll found you brother." said Mihai and then left.
Corneld moved in a new town, he made a new life for himself with new friends, new carrier and married Ioana. He kept in touch only with his mother but he was careful not to find out Mihai were he lived. Soon he was going to be a father when he find out that his brother was about to die.
"-Come home, and make piece with your brother, to die in the Christian way."; his mother asked him. Cornel felt the need for reconciliation, but by the time he made up his mind it was to late.
Cornel forgotten the hate he had for his brother and he tried to remember the good times of there childhood. Three month later, Cornel was at the maternity door, he felt like he was the happiest man in the world, his wife just born a baby.
When he seen his boy he realized that is something familiar about him. Late when they remained alone with him sleeping in his arms, suddenly, the son wake up, open his eyes to Cornel and said with a grave voice:
"I told you I will find you, brother!".