Dawn Day - Chapter 1 by Kevin Clark

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SUMMARY: Read the first part to get to grips where this chapter has come from *** If you read it...RATE IT! ***

Chapter 1

Thing had gotten bad over the past few weeks, micro wars had become full blown wars and riots, involvement from other countries put extra pressure on winning the battles. The world power had ruled that we would remain in the Dark Age indefinitely as they did not want any re-occurrences of Dawn Day. With that Cyrixal M ltd. was banished from production and told to either liquidate or change to a different market. Obviously Cyrixal chose to fight the ruling in court and lost in a humiliating way. Cyrixal had no other choice but to change it market which meant hundreds of thousands of techno freaks had lost their jobs and had nothing to look to in the future. The government ruled that if Cyrixal was to change its market it was to train its current employees in the new market in the hope to reduce job losses.

This is what caused outrage of countries and its people. Nearly a quarter of the planets population had at some point worked for Cyrixal M ltd. Those who grew up with technology in their blood did not welcome the news of re-training. Their blood spilled on to the hardened surface of the planet as they waged wars on governing bodies in hope to over throw the decisions made by those scared by what they knew. Daniel had remained in doors in the hope that Cyrixal had simply put up the front of changing its market, as he knew of the back door Cyrixal had been using all this time. His city was ruin, riots everywhere, free for all, muggings, drive by shootings it was all too much and Daniel wanted out for his sons' sake.

At the point where things couldn't get much worse a glimmer of hope arrived at Daniels door. A face he'd recognised but wasn't quite as he remembered. Perhaps it was time that had clouded his mind he thought. He invited his friend in doors.

Alistair was in the living area when the stranger presented herself.

"Hi Alistair, my name is Kym, I used to work alongside your father with Cyrixal".

Alistair stood up from his game and presented his hand, "Hi, please to meet you", he said.

"Alistair, can you go down stairs to your room for a while?" his dad asked, "Kym and I need to talk, alone."

Alistair nodded and proceeded to his room, talking with him his game he had been so busy playing.

"Can I get you anything Kym?", Daniel asked, "A drink, perhaps something to eat?".

Kym declined the offer as she explained why she had appeared a little different to him at the door.

"I am not actually Kym but a humanoid representation of her. She is in the Cyrixal hospital after being exposed to some form of gas that was brought in through Cyrixals back door", she seemed so real it was uncanny. "She is stable but we need to find a cure or she will be lost. The gas has damaged her nervous system and is slowly making its way to her brain." She seemed upset, though humanoid, how can she have feelings, Daniel wondered?

"Oh my god!" Daniel exclaimed. "How long does she have?".

"Only a couple week now, it has been very fast acting, we tried a few of tests but we just can't pull the resources together to produce a learning robot of medicine for the planet where the gas came from, that's why I am here."

She continued, "As you can see we can now mimic human characteristics almost to perfection and our motor skills are fluid so it shouldn't be difficult to reproduce a robot or humanoid to mimic the planets inhabitants and make it look like one of them to blend in.

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