Dawn Day - Chapter 2 by Kevin Clark

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SUMMARY: Yup I am really bored at work and I have now written my 2nd chapter! *** If you read it...RATE IT! ***

Before them stood the most colourful giant planet they had ever seen, yellows, reds, coppers, golds, silvers and blues flowing around like an elegantly orchestrated ballet. It was beautiful. As they made their approach to the landing pad on the planet surface they could see that the blues they had seen from high above was masses of water. Seas and oceans, sources of water, there did not seems to be any plants or vegetation outside the perimeter of the city just red and gold sands and rocks deepening and lightning in colour according to the layers built up over years.

Once landed Sam guided them to the building directly next to the landing pad. This was not like any ordinary airport on earth, as this one did not require checking in or out. Complete freedom to come and go as you pleased. After walking down the main foyer Sam took a hard left.

"Follow me, I will take you to the boss to let him know you are here." Sam said.

"Who's the boss?" Daniel asked.

"Mr Niv Ek, he was the first person here along with the party of humanoids how helped develop this land" Sam explained.

"Ah yes, I remember him, he worked with Mr Ryc on the Back Door project back on earth" Daniel said.

Sam continued, "Yeah, he is Cyrixal M ltd. silent partner. He is just as good a boss as Mr Ryc was."

They took an elevator several floors down deep in to the heart of the planet. "Floor 15, that's 300 meters below the surface of the planet. There are another 15 floors below this one too" Sam explains "We can do this because we have oxygen sources as far down as we need them, we used humanoids to install them because they don't need the oxygen like we do."

They carried on through a few more corridors and doorways, all of which were like some form of space ship, sliding in diagonal directions as you approached. Some doors seemed to require clearance and this Sam guy had it all. He must be pretty high up for him to be able to get this much clearance. Eventually they enter a room that was filled with all sorts of familiar electronics, robotics, fluids and tools and the like. Daniel felt quite at home here. Bodies were busily moving around, constantly working on their little projects. Chemical jars, jugs, tubes, distillation chambers along the back wall with various coloured liquids flowing endlessly around the chambers and tubes. The lighting was dim which made the blue and yellow sparks from some of the workers appear much brighter than they actually were.

"Mr Kralc, how are you doing?" came a deep and recognisable voice from Daniels left side.

Daniel and Alistair turned to face the voice and found the face of Niv. "Not bad sir, not bad at all." Daniel answered.

"Good good, hope you enjoyed the fairground ride here. I thought you and your son might like it." Half laughing at the thought of their faces flashing thought his mind. "Anyway, as you can see you are in a one of our labs, much like that of your own back home. You will have your own lab like this with 3 of my best staff and a handful of humanoids to help you in your tasks.

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