Dawn Day - Chapter 3 by Kevin Clark

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SUMMARY: Read the first 3 parts you might even like this by the time you get to it. *** If you read it...RATE IT! ***

"There's just so much to do dad," said Alistair "at least we have plenty of time since we will be here for a while."

"Yeah, it's been a long day with travelling, introductions, and this place well it really is spectacular. There are so many things we could do here the possibilities are endless. I think you are going to enjoy school here with all this around about you."

"I am curious about school here, do you think it will be anything like it was at home?" asked Alistair.

"I'm not sure son, but you're probably as curious as I am with my job as you are with school. I think we'll both be in for a surprise and a great day of discoveries tomorrow. Lets just enjoy the rest of this day before I have to leave for the hospital to see Kym."

Hours went by and they hadn't been into half the shops, market stalls and malls around their apartment. There are literally hundreds of rich pickings here, openly available black market gear you would have to keep hush hush about back home. Everything is perfectly legal and all above board. The motto here seems to be to enjoy life and forget about stress. It is just bliss.

Around 1800 hrs the car pulled up outside the apartments waiting for Daniel to climb aboard to be taken to the Cyrixal hospital on the city limits. It only took a few minutes drive and they had arrived by 1815 hrs. The driver escorted Daniel to the unit where Kym was resting then left him instruction to contact him when he was ready to leave.

"Kym, how are you doing?" Daniel asked.

With a warm smile she replied "how do you think, I been in a coma for days and I feel like shit."

"I can imagine, so what happened?"

"I had met with one of our parallel world contacts to discuss trade of technology and chemicals. One of the chemicals was a known biohazard to humans but not to this particular race, the Kalarz. They had assured me that it was double sealed and I should be able to remove the canister from within the protective container. When I opened it the gas was released." Explained Kym.

"Oh my God!" Daniel exclaimed.

"It turns out the inner canister had a breach which they would have been oblivious to and the gas had escaped in to the main vessel it was being carried in. It was no-ones fault as such but the ambassador of the Kalarz has been very apologetic and upset by the whole incident."

"So everything is still on good terms then? So why have they not given the cure to your condition yet?" asked Daniel.

"Seems they have had this gas for some time and have constant supplies of it, however, their supplier has never provided a cure because neither race are effected by it. The Gorgolas tradesmen do not have the technology to research for the cure either but they won't let the Kalarz have access to the planet for minerals and resources on the planet to conduct the experiments needed to find an antidote." Kym explains.

"That's where I come in" Daniel explains, "I need to develop the Gorgolasoid to find the minerals and resources on the planet and to inform us of the possible antidotes to try etc."

"You got it in one" a soft calming voice came from behind.

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