Ruminations of Exor by Azzam Siddiqui

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Ruminations of Exor
Exor slowly raised his head and faced it towards the mouth of the cave where light vomited its contents into the dark cave and filled it up with a streak of revelation. The cave was not a round smooth cave where wild animals, such as the mountain bears hibernated in the winter. It was a thin cave where only a child could enter. However, if one had observed the entrance carefully, cracks seemed to surround the opening and if touched a little by an intrusive hand, the cracks would break up from its previous position and gravitate to the rocky ground with as much speed as a rockslide could fall from a cliff. Thus, it would reveal a large entrance to the cave.
The dweller of the cave used such techniques to prevent anyone or anything large entering his domain, for Exor was not polite to anyone who intruded themselves upon his own space. He was an exiled Gerox. His clan despised him, thinking of him as an impure breed that had no proper blood in his veins. It was a part of the reason he was living in the barren caves in the Mountain of the Dead. Exor was old, even in the reckoning of the Gerox, who lived for far longer than the humans living down below on the plains.
His banishment was mainly due to his goal of trying to break the tension between the humans and the Gerox. His clan saw it as treachery, but his human friends saw it as bravery and the right thing to do. And while he was banished, he roamed around the land of Corsiva and gained more experience. His best friend, who was a human, was a very powerful Wardron by the name of Tarrant. He wanted to fix the bridge between the humans and Gerox, but he knew it was pointless. While the Seven Wardrons were trying to create peace, the Dark Lord Metalyzer was playing on the tension and worsening it, which made it hard for the peaceful reconciliation that the Wardrons were trying to achieve.
It was Tarrant who came up with the idea. At first everyone, including Exor, thought he was joking, for such an idea was never thought of, because it was so wrong. But it did not stop Tarrant, for he was resolved in making peace. Tarrant told Exor in front of the Seven Wardrons that he should enter the Wardron's Sanctuary.
They had been living in Calador near the Wardron's Sanctuary when Tarrant came up with his insane idea. ‘If we want to fix the tension, then what else can we do but promote the entrance of Gerox entering the Sanctuary to learn how to become Wardrons, the same thing the humans are doing right now. This would make people think that the Gerox are equally peace-loving people as the humans.'
It was Edan who first objected to it. ‘It will backfire, Tarrant. There is no hope in building the link with the humans and Gerox. And I can hardly blame the Gerox for not trying. They were promised to be the rulers of the world after King Tallis died, but they did not receive it and so the Gerox were forced out of Corsiva. Imagine how you would feel. Tallis lived for ages, and therefore the Gerox waited for ages. And just as their hopes were raised when Tallis died, another human comes up to take the throne forcefully.'
‘Auryon was being controlled by his father,' Tarrant parried.

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