The Red Prince (ch. 4) by Acton Bell

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Then Akai came unto the province of Titiri which is in the land of Ptah. And Akai's mother had been a princess of Ptah before she was the bride of Tiryn Emperor-Heir of Atlantis.
And when Akai came to Titiri the men of Titiri met him, saying, "Who are you that comes into Titiri from the lands of the Free Peoples? Be you human or Gadungan?"
"I am Akai," said Akai. "My mother was of Ptah and I have come unto her land to serve as a priest in the temple of the gods."
"You lie," said the men of Titiri. "You have come to spy upon us." And they laid hands on Akai and took him before Eviane, the Lord of Titiri, and Akai fought not.
Eviane was one of the wives of Sae, prince of Atlantis, and had borne a son by that same Sae and his name was Zaki. And Zaki stood beside his lord and mother Eviane in the Hall of Judgment when Akai was brought forth by the men of Titiri. Then was the court of Titiri much astonished for Akai and Zaki were alike in comeliness; although Akai was the elder my many years. And it was whispered by the court that Akai was a demon or a gadungan who had stolen Zaki's face and should be slain.
But Eviane silenced the court saying, "Be gone and leave me alone with this one." And when her guardsmen would have stayed Eviane said, "He is neither demon nor gadungan and he will not harm me. Be gone now." For Eviane had looked upon Akai and known he was the son of Sae's heart.
Then were Akai, Eviane, and Zaki alone in the Hall of Judgment.
And Akai said, "It was said unto me that all the princes of Atlantis had been slain. Yet does not the son of Sae prince of Atlantis stand before me?"
"He does," said Eviane. "But Atlantis is no more and has no need for princes; therefore is Zaki prince of Titiri. I too," said Eviane, "was told all the princes of Atlantis had been slain; and yet the son of Tiryn and Sae, princes of Atlantis, stands before me."
Akai denied her saying, "I am but a traveler come unto the land of my mother that I might served the gods as a priest in their temple."
Eviane smiled in her heart to think of a Prince of Atlantis as a priest. But she said, "Do not deny your fathers, for this dishonors the gods. And they loved you greatly. Sae most of all."
Then Akai bent his head and wept saying, "Forgive me, Lord."
And Eviane went to Akai and took him in her arms and comforted him. Then Eviane Lord of Titiri said, "Abide here in Titiri and be as a brother to Zaki and another son to myself. And we will love you for Sae's sake."
And Akai the Red Prince abode in Titiri with Eviane Lord of Titiri and her son Zaki.
Oft in the evening, when the business of the court was finished, Akai would go to the rooms of Eviane Lord of Titiri and she would speak to him of Sae. "But I know not where he has gone," she said. "No man does." And she told Akai of how she and Zaki came to be saved when all thought they had been slain.
Eviane said, "When the Wyvern and his army neared to Atlantis, Sae called for his wives and his children and he bless us, saying, ‘Go far from this place and think of it no more.

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