The Red Prince (ch. 5) by Acton Bell

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Akai and Vahldanda fled from the lands of Titiri down unto the sea. And they came to Tamal, which is a great port city. And ships without number sail to and from Tamal.
Then Vahldanda said unto Akai, "Let us take ship and sail to the ends of the world that the Sciathyns might not find us." For she knew not that the Sciathyns were no more.
So Akai found a ship going to Shala, which is the farthest part of the world, and he paid the fare thereof; and Akai and Vahldanda went thereon.
When Vahldanda set foot on the ship, a great wind caught at her veils and lifted them and revealed the beauty of her face. Then did many desire her. But Akai touched the sword at his belt and said, "This woman is my wife." (He said this not because they were man and wife under the law, for they were not; but for Vahldanda's safety.) And the desire of many was cooled.
Thus did Akai and Vahldanda come to lay together. And she conceived.
Then did a great wind come unto the sea; and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was tossed upon the waves. And all were afraid and called unto the gods.
All that could be cast forth to lighten the ship was cast forth from the ship. Then there rose up out of the troubled waters the great Sesa. Now Sesa is a sea serpent of great length and strength and its body is the color of pearl.
Sesa wrapped its great length about the ship and set its jaws upon the mast. And Sesa did snap the mast into nothingness with its teeth. And many did jump from the ship trusting in the waters to save them. But the mate of Sesa did lie beneath; and all who trusted in the waters to save them found death in the jaws of the mate of Sesa.
Vahldanda lay as one dead in the arms of Akai. He kissed her forehead and gave her into the care of a mariner saying, "Guard her unto death and beyond or you shall be cast unto the darkness." And the mariner was seized by fear of the Red Prince and he swore to guard her beyond death.
Then Akai lifted his sword and leapt upon the white body of Sesa. And he climbed the coiled serpent, striking at it with his sword. But his blows were as nothing for the scales of Sesa were as mail and could not be breached.
Then Akai continued to climb to the head of Sesa, and Sesa did roll and twist beneath Akai. But Akai bethought himself of Vahldanda and the child yet to be born and he would not be thrown.
Akai came to the head of Sesa and plunged his sword into the serpent's eye. The great serpent screamed and was blinded by its own blood. It tossed back its head and loosed its coils. And its soft underbelly was revealed. Akai thrust his sword into the heart of Sesa and the great sea-serpent was slain.
Then Akai leapt unto the deck and Sesa fell back into the depths of the great sea. And the mate of Sesa followed after, mourning.
The sea was calmed and the ship sailed on unto the island of Tumasik. And when they landed at Tumasik the master and owner of the ship came unto Akai and said, "Sir, you have saved us from Sesa the great sea-serpent.

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