The Red Prince (ch. 5) by Acton Bell

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But the serpent has a mate and it will know your scent and will seek you out wherever you are on the sea. Take then your fare – we have refunded it thrice over – and set foot on our ship no more."
And Akai knew the wisdom of the words of the master and owner of the ship and he remained on Tumasik with Vahldanda and the child yet to be borne.
Then did Akai served as a healer. And this is how Akai became a healer to the people of Tumasik.
The leader of the people of Tumasik was a man called Terim and this Terim had a son called Pagar. Now Pagar was a youth and he went forth with his friends into the jungle. And when they had traveled a day's journey into the jungle, Pagar beheld a tree such as he had never seen before and its boughs were bowed by the weight of its beautiful fruit. Pagar took and ate of the fruit of the beautiful tree and he fell to the ground as one dead. Then the friends of Pagar returned him to Tumasik and told all that had happened.
Terim the father of Pagar called the healers of Tumasik to attend his son, saying, "Return my son unto me and anything you desire will be yours."
Then the healers of Tumasik came unto Pagar, but they could not waken him. And in his anger, Terim had them slain. Then Terim said, "Let it be published across the land that whosoever wakens Pagar may have whatever he desires up to half of my kingdom; but whosoever shall fail to waken my son shall forfeit his life." And many that answered Terim's call failed and were slain.
Akai said unto the companions of Pagar, "Show me the tree whereof Pagar ate the fruit." Then the companions of Pagar led Akai into the jungle and showed him the tree. Akai looked upon the fruit then took up bark from the tree and returned with it. And he made a drink of the bark of the tree.
On the day following, Akai went unto Terim and said, "Let your son drink of this and he will awaken."
And Pagar was given the drink that Akai had made and he awakened. Then Terim said unto Akai, "You are a great healer. Ask of me what you will."
Akai said, "I would have a house that my wife and I might live there." And Terim settled a great mansion on Akai and added unto him many other things besides for his healing of Pagar.
Then Akai served as a healer as he learned in the keep of M'a'lak the Man of the Mountain. And he was well-loved by the people.
In due time, Vahldanda brought forth a child. It was a girl child and they called her ‘Puteri' which means ‘beloved daughter' in the language of Tumasik. And Akai loved her greatly.
Now the mate of Sesa mourned for the great sea-serpent and it searched the seas for Akai the slayer of its mate. When it could not find the scent of Akai upon the waters, the mate of Sesa turned itself to the land. It searched long for the scent of Akai and was patient; for its hate was strong. Then it came to the island of Tumasik and found the scent of Sesa's slayer. And it was mixed with that of a child.
Akai went not unto the sea for fear that the mate of Sesa would find and slay him.

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