Imaginary Games by Peter Raber

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It was a cold December evening and it had begun to rain. This was not a problem because Sam and Kyle were inside. They were playing the latest video game with bellies full of their mother's lasagna. The gas fire place was crackling and keeping them warm, and they had just about had their fill of game play.
"What do you want to do now?" Sam asked after being beaten by Kyle the 23rd time in a row. "I don't care. What do you want to do?"
Sam was shocked at his reply. Kyle had never asked Sam what he would like to do. Kyle was almost 7 years older than Sam but they always played together. Kyle always thought of the activities. Cops and robbers, Spacemen adventures or dinosaur hunters, it was Kyle who always chose. "How about dinosaur hunters?" Sam spouted out. ‘That's a fine idea, would you like to be the Amazing Arthur this time?" A huge smile spread across Sam's face. Kyle was always the Amazing Arthur and he was always The Nobel Stiles. The Amazing Arthur had a wonderful arsenal of weaponry. Blowguns, a rifle, crossbow, and a gigantic hunting knife. Stiles only had a Remington pistol. His job was to help Arthur locate the problematic dinosaur, assist in gutting and skinning the hide (after Arthur fought and killed the beast), and take care of the following paperwork, billing, ext.
"I have located some tracks. Arthur what shall we do?" Kyle said crouching down on the carpet, encouraging Sam to look at the huge imaginary indentation in the imaginary earth. With the smile still on his face Sam replied "We shall hunt!" With that they both ran toward the cherry colored couch ducking behind it. Kyle had his finger and thumb in the form of an L, holding his Remington with both hands, barrel pointed to the sky. Sam, holding his rifle, poked his head out from the bushes and looked through the scope. The magnified view of the jungle showed that dinosaur was nowhere to be seen. They both took off into the jungle looking for clues and picking up the trail.
After hours of tracking, they finally came across the giant T-Rex. It was in the middle of devouring a herd of jungle cows. "Perhaps the same herd that the tribesman Qui Kon Lee has hired us to protect!" Kyle offered. The cows were trying to escape the beast but couldn't get free from the fence. It looked like one cow had even broken its neck in the attempt to be free of it. The monster picked up its second victim and crunched it down with two mighty bites. Kyle nudged Sam and he lifted his rifle and shot the beast in the neck. Blood spewed out of the wound in a stream of hot crimson. The T-Rex screamed and glared at his assailant. With a load crash he began his charge at Arthur and Stiles. The second roar almost froze Sam in his tracks when he noticed Kyle taking off into the brush. Sam leapt up into the tree behind him and climbed to the top. The creature head-butted the tree sending it down. Sam jumped from the descending piece of wildlife and on to the back of the creature's neck. He pulled his knife from his boot. Just as he was about to plunge the blade into the jugular his mother called "Alright boys, it's time for bed!"
The robotic voice of his mother snapped Sam back into reality.

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