Cycle of Death, another life... by Dan Sagmiller

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The darkness crept over Dave's house. Not knowing what was going to happen tonight, Dave had no worries about the real danger. Instead he worried about his weight, thinking that maybe he should excercise instead of spending another night infront of the TV.
After a vigorous mental workout, talking himself into it, he decided to go for a walk. After about 15 minutes outside, he started to wish he had his jacket, enough to get him to turn around.
While returning, a dark alley way gave him his first erie feeling. What sounded like a muffled scream, but when he looked, there was nothing there, with the exception of a few inanimate objects. His curiosuty was strong, but his fear was stronger. He convinced himself it was nothing and quickly made his way home.
But Dave was no longer alone. Now a creature was following him. The darkness allowed this creature to follow, let alone live. It was not a vampire, and it's mentality was no longer functionaing in the same way it did as a human.
Dave reached the safety of his house. Quickly closing the door behind him and locking it. The noise was still in his head, almost consuming him as he fought it, knowing he would need to if he planned on sleeping. Taking the jacket was no longer his concern.

He found himself leaving all the lights on that he passed. The darkness in his windows creeped him out. He was too afraid to approach them to close the blinds.
This provided his creature with the ability to watch quietly, deciding in darkness. The fate of the creature had long been consumed by the darkness. For centuries, it had been lurking trying to understand its purpose. For centuries it thought in limited bursts, but mostly just acted, limited to urges that this form seemed to force on it.
Dave had no idea that his fears were even substantiated, which is why he turned on the television. The sound covered up the brief noises created as it entered through through a small phone panel in the back. The comedy helped calm him.
From the corner of his Living room, it watched. Dave evenutally was able to close the blinds and keep himself isolated from the outside darkness. He now beleived he was alone.
It followed him into his bedroom. Dave turned and for the second time tonight found him self staring directly at it. For an instant he was shocked again, just like the noise he heard, but it was no more than something in the corner of his eye. The surge of fear seemed to effectively wipe out their interaction.
It stared back, quite heavily affected by these brief shocks of energy. It seamed that the fear of humans forced it to be invisible, but yet drew it closer. It was always captivated that the fear, and shock would always numb it's abilities.
For the next moment, it found itself unable to move, and from the entryway to his bedroom it could only watch.
Without turning out the lights, Dave got into bed, and tried to fall asleep, with his eyes open.
The creature began to feel the energy return to it.

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