The Red Prince (ch. 6) by Acton Bell

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Pothos stayed in the temple of the Eldest god and gained in strength. And on the sixth day he said unto Akai, ‘Why do you stay here in this temple? You are a warrior. Why do you play at priest?"
Akai looked upon Pothos and he said, "Here I have peace."
And Pothos said no more for a time; but went instead to the inner court and the alter of the Eldest god. And there he remained for many hours. Then Pothos came out of the inner court and went unto Akai and knelt before him. "Shave my head," he said, "and let me serve with you. For I would stay by your side and know your peace."
Then Akai rejoiced that his brother had returned to him. And he shaved the head of Pothos and together they served in the temple of the Eldest god for eight and twenty days.
A rider came unto Hagmatana and the temple of the Eldest god. And that rider was Zaki. When Akai saw that Zaki was come, he greeted him with great joy. He kissed him on the cheeks and brought him into the rooms he shared with Pothos in the inner court of the temple. And when Zaki had eaten of the food and drank of the drink Akai set before him, Akai said, "Glad am I that you are here my brother. But why have you come unto Hagmatana?"
"I have come seeking you," said Zaki. "The Lord of Titiri has need of you and charged me to find you. And long have I searched."
"What service does the Lord of Titiri require of me?" said Akai.
Then Zaki said, "A great army is come out of the north and is readies itself to sweep over Titiri. Its soldiers are legion and five great warlords lead them. And a woman rides before them all under the banner of a white star."
Then Akai and Pothos knew it was the army of J'a'hasa.
"The Queen Mother of Iazyges sent men unto Titiri to treat with us. But the Lord of Titiri would not treat with Iazyges, saying the Queen Mother was false and her government an abomination. Then did the Queen Mother of Iazyges send this word unto us: ‘Titiri will fall. I will crush its rebellious and foolish people beneath my heel. I will make slaves of the women and the men will be fodder for the hogs. And not one stone of the city will be left upright after I have passed through in my power.' These were the words of the Queen Mother of Iazyges. And when the Lord of Titiri heard these words, she said unto the people of Titiri, ‘Gather all the food stuffs you can carry and come into the city. And the walls of the city will protect us.'
"And all the people of Titiri have come unto the city. But there are many and not all can within the walls. And night and day the air is filled with the sound of the smiths' forging arms. But we have no great warlord to lead the men of Titiri into battle with the army of Iazyges."
Then Zaki fell prostrate before Akai the Red Prince. "Return to us," he said. "Lead our men against the Queen Mother. Be our Warlord and we shall drive the strangers from our lands."
Akai knelt before Zaki and lifted him in his arms. "I will come with you," he said. And Zaki rejoiced.
Then Pothos stepped forth, saying, "I too will ride with you.

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