The Red Prince (final chapter) by Acton Bell

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Then was J'a'hasa the Queen Mother wroth that her army had been scattered and her revenge on Titiri denied. She called unto her the remaining three warlords Roas, Qaimez, and Dicul, and said, "I will not be denied. Titiri will be my footstool and I will give the head of the Lord of Titiri to the carrion birds to feast." (J'a'hasa said this for she knew not that Akai and Pothos had led the gadungan and Croil and the men of Titiri against her army.)
"Go forth now," said the Queen Mother, "and destroy all that stands in your path. And leave not one stone of Titiri standing."
Then the warlords gathered their army and marched toward Titiri. And it was treble the size of the one that had gone before.
But Akai waited not in Titiri for the Queen Mother to come. He went and met the army of J'a'hasa upon the plains of Iazyges. Akai led the men of Titiri, the Croil, and the gadungan, and the allies of Titiri into battle on the plains of Iazyges.
And when the followers of Akai saw the numbers of the army of the Queen Mother they were sore amazed and they said amongst themselves, "They are more than the grains of sand upon the shore. We are but few. It is impossible for us to drive them from here."
Akai heard their words and said unto them, "Fear not! They are but men. They are far from home and fight not for hearth and home. They fight for gold and fear of the Queen Mother. Such men whose hearts are weak are easily defeated. Go forth in courage!"
Then the hearts of Akai's followers were lifted and they gave a great shout. And the sound of their shout was like unto the roaring of a great ocean. And the army of the Queen Mother was affrighted.
Then the army of J'a'hasa the Queen Mother went forward. And J'a'hasa went with her army and stood in a great war-chariot. And before her went the warlord Roas and the bowmen of Dropdia. And to her right went the warlord Qaimez and the lancers of Mocretes. And at her left were the warlord Dicul and the chariots of Trilan. And before them all marched arms men of Ankara and Ten-Neshi, Hellene and Opoteca, Nysi and Aeuf, and Seleceus, and many others from the lands J'a'hasa and Pothos had conquered.
Then Akai led his army forth to meet the Queen Mother. And J'a'hasa was much angered to see Pothos with the followers of Akai and she said to her warlords, "He who brings me the head of the traitor Pothos will be richly rewarded."
The bow women of Croil and Taraphat and Zaki loosed their bowstrings and the sky was dark with the flight of arrows. And the arrows flew true and many were slain by the bow women of Croil and the woman-chief Taraphat. And the arrow of Zaki Prince of Titiri took Qaimez the warlord in the neck and he fell from his saddle and was trampled upon by many horses.
The horsemen of the Croil rode forth and met the lancers of Mocretes. And the battle was fierce. Many were slain and among them was Lhashkan, man-chief of the Croil; but many felt the edge of his sword before he was slain. May the wind carry his name forever.
Men of Nysi came from behind to take the army of Akai by surprise, but Eviane Lord of Titiri met them with sword in her hand and the men of Titiri at her back.

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