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The Beginning...................................

The advancement of development in military had lead to more research
to the creation of research and development in the genetic engineering to develop a refine
soldier for the future.

This research had been carried out thru human cloning and involve many intelligence
organisation and working in a very remote area and their existence in being highly
"classified" not even of the U.S government intervention.

Earlier this team had been call "Elite combat and rescue" ECR unit
they seem to be able to do anything, since they're a helluva lot stronger than a
normal human and feel no pain. They involve in the operation desert storm, rescue mission
and carrying out strategic decision to fulfill fast mission.
But there's a drawback.........
make strategic decisions, but unexpectedly becomes self-aware.Inexplicably
being carryng out by a relentless killing of its target, and over its artificial intelligence
advancement, the ECR had becomes self aware.

Thru out several mission been carry out, this had made them unstable and potentially
dangerous among the SWAT TEAM group.
There was a period of time the project was put on hold and the ECR team had been put
in a storage until a solution could be found.

There was a break-in by other intelligence organisation in order to steal a few units
for making prototype as they realise how useful this clones are.
When two thieves break into the warehouse where the 5 "ECR" units is on "sleeping" mode,they
unwittingly reactivate him and help them out to escapes by helicopter bringing them
back alive and terrorizing to the city!