Obi Nwankwo Meets The Dark Sprit by Marc Worley

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He got onto his belly and crawled like a snake to see what was going on. He peered from under a tree and was shocked at what was going on.

All the villagers were standing in a circle surrounded by six or seven white men carrying guns. Some other white men were burning all the buildings and killing all the animals. He could see his father and brothers standing in front of his mum and his sisters. His mum was crying and his eldest sister, Mercy, who had always been fierce, was shouting at the men and shaking her fists. One of the men, the leader thought Obi, was talking to his father but couldn't hear what was being said over the noise. By this time Mercy was nose to nose with one of the gunmen and his father was trying to pull her back. She hit one of the men and he just shot her. One loud crack and Mercy went flying back into the crowd of villagers spraying them with her blood.

Obi couldn't move. He was barely breathing. He knew that his big sister was dead. He wanted to shout and scream. He wanted to pick himself up off the ground and join his family but he couldn't move. Something broke inside him. Now the screaming and the shouting was everywhere. He could see his mum wailing over Mercy's body, his father launched himself at the leader but was torn to pieces in a hail of bullets. The men with guns opened fire on the crowd. The loud gunfire drowning out the screams of terror and within seconds there was silence apart from the sound of the flames devouring the village. His mum and Josie a girl from the village were still alive. Some of the men dragged them away to the shade and started to beat them before ripping all their clothes off and lying on top of the women. All the men took a turn to lie on top of the women who had now stopped making any sound apart from the occasional sob.

Obi was crying, hadn't realized that he was crying he wasn't really aware of anything. It was like he had seen too much and his brain had stopped working. He didn't hear one of the soldiers behind him until it was too late. He was yanked up roughly and carried out into the village. The soldier who carried him was laughing. Some of the men pointed in his direction and came across most of them were laughing now. The leader looked at him. "Well look at this little runt hiding in the bushes. Look fellas' the little cripple has pissed himself." Everybody laughed at him. Obi caught sight of the front of his pants and looked down at the big wet stain. The soldier who was holding him threw him down and gave him a kick that sent him sprawling and took his breath away and gave him big pain in his right side.

"Ok let's move out!" Said the leader and the soldiers immediately began melting into the bush on the other side of the village. "What about the kid?" Someone said
"Leave him. A cripple like that won't survive anyway." said someone else. He heard a slight rumble and a whooshing noise and saw a ship rise into the sky from the part of the bush that the men had disappeared into. Obi struggled to breathe and the pain filled his head pushing out all though and he felt himself slip and fall into a dark place.

When he woke it was night.

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