Babble of Babel by Siva Vg

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SUMMARY: The Ziggurat. The nano objects.The quest for universal language.

"Thump, thump,thump".
The beating of heart.
The Padmasana -- "lotus posture" on the yoga mat.
Rudra had held the pose for close to an hour.
The meditation gave the knowledge of silence.
The slow rhythmic breathing during meditation, held the deepening depth and provided a relaxing language for silence.
Rudra meditated and the meditation was an attempt at bringing to balance the nature of self and hearing the language of salvation.
"Beep, beep, beep...", the pager.
Rudra awakened.
"Sigh". He took the pager and read the message.
"86644571747 - Heard the voice of God."
The water was roaring its mighty sound of flow.
He had clasped his hands to his ears. His head was down and he was on his knees.
The sound was new and it was terrorizing him, fascinating him and drawing him closer to the source, the river. He had started hearing the sound for many moons now.
This was his little adventure, nobody ventured to the river at night and nobody heard the sound of the river.
He stood up and decided to leave for his camp which was a good distance away from the river and close to the tower.
"Rudra, these people did not understand the language", Adam was excited.
Rudra did not react he was calmness personified.
"Hmmm... lets see.... Did they perform the tasks at both locations?", Rudra
"Yes they did but ..."
"What was the experiment today?"
"... the tasks were injected in to them with possible interface definitions in their known language, this time I changed the module that implemented interfaces at runtime, and they were asked not to speak while performing them and they were asked to do them simultaneously, and none of them have any background in mechanics or any other engineering practices.", Adam reaching a pique of excitement.
"OK let me check the final product they built myself.", Rudra.
"... and that is the miracle... they did something....more than expected...", Adam.
"...hmm good...let me take a look first"
They walked together into the tech lab.
Rudra had driven into the science and technology facility of the Nalanda university in the late evening.
The page that he had received in the early hours of the morning was an info-page. As soon as he had read the page he knew it was Adam who had paged him. Adam was passionate and quite excitable regarding all these experiments.
The Ziggurat stood nearly two hundred meters tall and they were still building it. The river adventure all forgotten he continued to perform his daily duties like clock-work. His task for the day were very organized, clear. He shifted the stones required to continue the building. Everybody was organized, nobody faltered, complained, they understood each other very clearly.
The rope around his shoulders he pulled the five foot square stone, this was one of those stones that would be carved on. It was art but this he did not know or care. Nobody ever made a sound nor heard one, though the world around them was shouting. The trees bristling, the wind howling, the river roaring and the animals making their sounds of fear.

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