Lockdown - 08 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Oh yes, formerly The Neutral 3 Incident and now Lockdown, I'm sure you've got it by now!

Chapter 8 – Level 11-108 Fighting Arena

--/Day 3 19:21/--
--/Fighting Pit Kappa/--

There was a cheer from the crowd as the huge warrior stepped into the arena, his slab like muscles rippling with power. The ring was octagonal, thirty feet in diameter. Not big. The floor was gritted with artificial packed earth and dust, it felt real, very real.

"...And making his return for this bout, one man who is oblivious to the Lockdown-induced panic, the Fighting Machine from Carene... MATCHSTICK!!!" The announcement speakers blared. There was another cheer from the hundred strong crowd.

A slim figure entered the ring from the opposite entrance than the huge warrior. This one was wiry, dangerous, with hooded eyes.

"BEGIN!!!" The speakers barked. There was a moment of complete inactivity as the two warriors eyes met, both registering the threat in the other. Then they both exploded into action simultaneously, the fight had begun.

--/Day 3 18:39/--
--/Level 5-108 ‘Marble Fireplace'/--

Davan strode through the main doorway of the tacky looking food joint, guessing that the figure sat on the table that seemed to have a great deal of food on it must be Tenzanin. He ambled over, finding his slim Carene friend digging into his second plate of hot faeroots, a native Carene dish. Davan had never cared for it himself. He pulled up a chair as Torn reappeared from the bathroom and resumed his own seat. There was a moment of silence.

"Well?" Tenzanin asked, his mouth half full. Davan grinned.

"I got them." He said, pulling the filled out forms from the inside of his jacket pocket. "Rental Workspaces G and H on level 7-170 are now letted to and operated by Davan Green-Wyld. Now all I need is a couple of suppliers and some custom."

"What was it you wanted to do with the space?" Torn asked, collecting the crumbs on his plate. "I wasn't really paying attention when you went over it earlier." He tried to cast his mind back to the endless discussions in the elevator, but couldn't.

"Well, what with the Lockdown in effect, we aren't going anywhere for some time." Davan said. "So I might as well dig in for the long run and set up shop. I'm a mechanic and technician. I was planning on setting up a business on Sisra, but since we aren't leaving I might as well do it here instead." Davan smiled as he spoke, leaning back and crossing his arms.

"Where's Sisra?" Tenzanin asked, perplexed.

"Fifth world in the Lorast Home system." Davan answered, "Barely habitable, although a contained colony got set up there twenty years ago, has a shortage of technical and mechanical experts apparently. Hence why I was going." He eyed up Tenzanin's almost empty bowl. "You almost done eating yet skinny?"

--/Day 3 19:22:01/--
--/Fighting Pit Kappa/--

The Carene cut left, using what he thought was his superior dexterity to try and dance around his hulking opponent and strike him in the back. Matchstick knew that a fighter his size couldn't hope to take on this brute in a straight slugging match. He had to be quick and clever.

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