Bigfoot: Digital Evidence Revealed in 3D by Michael Clark

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Mamut checked his digital reconstruction again. It was the twelfth time he did it, always obtaining the same, if not higher resolution image results. The high definition triangulated three dimensional reconstruction of the forest was his thesis advisor's tenure obtaining ambition. There was a start-up company in it too. The advanced software package was meant as a platform technology to revolutionize observational field science. It finally worked the way it was supposed to. It worked great. Just pick the area of interest in forest or plain or grass land, place as many digital high definition video cameras around the perimeter as you could afford, an internal camera or two also helped, and then just record away, day or night. The image reconstruction program then took all the information and rebuilt a three dimensional, actually four dimensional, image of the area and the events occurring there.
The greatest thing about the program was background subtraction. Any non-moving object; a rock, a tree, even a leaf, with a fixed position, could be removed from the image reconstruction of the area. Thus any animal that moved through the area could be tracked and visualized without rocks, trees or leaves there to obscure the animal of interest. The forest just disappeared and there was the animal, totally unaware that it was being observed. Cool, great, but Mamut wasn't excited about the computer science, he was a large animal biologist. He wanted to observe natural animal behavior and this being Oregon, there were a great many large animals out there in the protected and protective Oregon forest to observe. What he was so excited about was this specific animal image being reconstructed. It was real evidence, finally. It was right there in front of him. The large animal he had dreamed about. The large animal that had brought him here all the way from Northern India.
Mamut checked and tweaked the reconstruction for a thirteenth time. There it was no question, no mistaken identity here, there he was, Bigfoot! The Yeti! The Snowman! The Oregon Golem! Gigantopithecus! Whatever its name? There it was. Well, he was. The image reconstruction was that good. This Bigfoot was definitely a male, a substantial male. Walking right through the observation area. Totally unaware that he was being observed.
"Bigfoot! Bigfoot! Bigfoot!" Mamut hopped up and down on his desk chair so enthusiastically that the aged hydraulic mechanism gave out and dropped Mamut down six inches with a bang! It happened so abruptly that Mamut screamed like a girl. Mamut hated when he did that. The men in his village used to make him scream like that and then make fun of him for weeks afterwards. This vicious taunting did have its positives though; the girls would feel pity for Mamut and give him sympathy and sometimes physical comfort. Girls Mamut never would dared speak to himself would pat his shoulder or ruffle his hair in support. The men continued with their taunting, though as he got older, Mamut got better at not screaming until Mamut realized he could use the girl's resulting sympathy to his sexual advantage.

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