A Wondrous Tale by K.J. Giacomozzi

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SUMMARY: A wondrous tale! need I say more?

I woke up this morning and walked out the door.
I walked down a path and walked a little bit more.

I walked to a garden and what did I find?
But a wee little man and his cucumber vine

The tiny man scurried back and forth, here and there.
He wore a chestnut seed helmet atop his mane of red hair.

A weather-worn fork was strapped to his back
And it's three prongs were tarnished with dirt that was black.

But the pine needle thistles were his favorite choice
And he swept his cucumbers and sang with his voice.

Now, his voice was an interesting thing, don't you see?
For it sounded just like, just exactly a bee!

As I wondered and watched and listened quite long,
I heard the man singing his name in his song.

"Beezelwert" he cried and continued his work,
Jumping and singing and swinging his fork.

The little man sang as he leapt to and fro
And watered his vine so that it would grow.

He watered his vine with a little tin can
Which actually seemed quite big to the man.

And he protected his cucumbers without and fear
And swatted at all of the flies that came near.

Then up from the ground came a terrible creature!
It was a Vicious Voracious Cucumber-Eater!

The wee little man realized the threat
And sprang into action so as not to regret
the loss of his mighty cucumber vine.
"Leave here you beast,
These cucumbers are mine "
But it came on for the feast!

Preparing tp fight, he donned his armor of leaf
For the little man would not give way to the thief!

He drew forth his thistles and stood in the way.
He yelled at the beast, "Leave me be! Go away!"

The tiny man attacked as if he were crazed!
But the beast continued its course unfazed.

The wee little man had to hatch a new plan.
So drawing his fork, off the little man ran.

He climbed up to a ledge and looked down on the beast.
Then bracing himself, he prepared for the leap.

He fork-vaulted himself out into thin air!
I wondered in awe, how could the man dare?

He caught on to a vine and swung over the beast
Then floated down using a parachute leaf.

The little man took control of the beast
And steered it towards his compost heap.

The creature ate all the food it could find.
Then turned its attention back to the vine.

I gasped as it approached, but the man seemed unworried.
The creature reached the vine, then climbed the vine slowly.

At this point, it took on a chrysalis state
And began to transform at an incredible rate...

Then, before my very own eyes did appear
A beautiful butterfly with wings so very sheer.

And as if from a rainbow, its wings filled with color
And before the wee man was a butterfly like no other.

It stared at the man and the man stared back too.
Then away from the vine the butterfly flew.

The wee little man the recovered his fork
And with a big smile, he returned to his work.

I pondered over the wondrous sight
And my gaze returned to the happy sprite.

All seemed to work out well in the end
Because the wee little man had made a new friend.

Then my vision got cloudy or so it would seem
And I awoke to find that it was only a dream!.