Queen of the World by Natalia Sakina

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SUMMARY: This story is about my friends and I when we were younger. Mostly my friend Josh and I. He and I liked to play on the playhouse in the back when we were little. But, it is a bit of a story to how we first started to climb up there and its very interest

My mom does childcare. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at exactly eight o'clock the kids that my mom works for ring the doorbell. That was my wake up call. It means time to wake up and play. I was four years old and being four that was all I wanted to do. Play.
The kids that came over at the time were my best friends. There was Marry and Alex Perry. Marry, four, was really bossy but always came up with the best stuff to play. Alex, 3, was really short but he would not take being called short. There was also Josh and Katy Olmsten. Josh, also 4, either did his own thing or did whatever Marry was telling everyone to do. Unless, for some reason, he wanted everyone to do something he wanted to do, which was not often, but when it did he and Marry would start to fight. In result Katy, 3, would start to cry because she just hated it when everyone would fight. Katy did anything you wanted her to because she did not like putting up fights. She was like Meredith's follower.
What we all did in almost any weather was go outside. We had to put on all of our big coats and stuff. If we didn't my mom would not let us go outside which would interfere with Marry's "plans" and we all did not want that.
But we did not care about the big puffy coats, especially when it snowed. We would all go out in the big winter wonderland and play. We would build forts and have snow fights but I remember the best thing of all was when I first got on top of the playhouse. The beauty of it. It felt like I was the king of the world. I remember that day. Yes, I remember it now...
I woke up like it was any other day. I heard the ring of the doorbell and opened my eyes. I looked around my room. It was brighter then yesterday. The light that was streaming through the window was white not a yellow color. I got up and rubbed the wrinkles out of my nightgown. I went and stood on my bookshelf to open the window. As I looked outside I felt a tingle of excitement go down my spine.
Why, you ask? It snowed.
"It snowed, it snowed!" I shouted. I kept chanting that brilliant saying as I ran out of my bedroom to the front door. I got to the front door to see Marry and Alex in all of their big puffy clothes. Marry's jet black hair was sprinkled with snowflakes, it looked like she had dandruff.
"Well of course it snowed, Natalia, don't you watch the weather channel," she said in her "you are an idiot" voice. She pronounced my name Nadalia. Most of the time it did not bother me, though, I know my name has a T not a D. At that moment Josh and Katy walked in with their mom. My mom started talking to their mom about this month's payment but I was not paying attention.
Josh started jumping up and down like a pogo stick as he shouted, "Get dressed, Nat, in your snow stuff before all of the snow melts."
"It won't melt that quickly, stupid." Marry stated. Josh stuck his tongue out at her. I ran into my room to get my snow stuff on just to miss Katy complain that Josh and Marry fight too much.
When I was done getting my snow stuff on everyone was already outside.

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