The Crossing by Keith Kitchen

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SUMMARY: When Ska'ath accidentally passed through a strange portal, he found himself on a planet called Earth, where humans not only lived, they were technologically advanced and dragons did not exist and he was being hunted. His only chance in survival lay with


As always, the freedom of flight filled him with a thrilling wonder. The rush of wind beneath his wings and the feel of the air across his face filled him with wonder and a love of the world around him. Walking was fine, traveling in a vehicle was fine, but flying! Flying was at the top of the scale!

He was but fifteen years old, just past his majority and getting ready to depart for advanced learning at the Pan-Terran College of Magic. His powers weren't as strong overall as those of his parents, but they were steady. The testers, however; were very interesting in what they called a streak of "wild magic", a spike of something they couldn't readily identify. He didn't have a clue what they were on about, but he didn't worry about it. Deep inside, he knew that his betters would figure it out and help him control this wild power of his, whatever it was.

He flicked an eyelid and checked the chronometer implanted in his protective middle eyelid to find out how much time he had left to fly. Good. He could fly for another half an hour. His parents and brother and sister were waiting for him so they could visit some cousin, someone of importance his father knew and he knew that the person was someone his father felt he should impress, but he didn't feel the same urgency his father did. His mother said that it came of being as young as he was.

He didn't care. He was who he was and best of all, he was flying and that was all that mattered. His sharp, arrow-pointed tail flicked back and forth as he streaked through the air.

His name was Ska'ath.

He was a dragon.

It was time to turn around. He checked his chronometer again and found it agreed with him. He would have just enough time to make it home and clean up somewhat before his cousin arrived. He snorted sardonically as he thought what would happen if he were late and decided it didn't bear anything more than a cursory thought. He didn't want to make his father mad again. He got in more trouble than his brother and sister combined. He didn't mean to get in trouble, he was just...well, curious. He was always finding something that he wanted to investigate.

It didn't help that many of the lesser creatures were deathly afraid of him. His mother said it was that they didn't understand Dragonkind. The Lessers feared dragons because they didn't understand them. Centaurs weren't so bad, nor were Minotaurs. It was the others. They mistakenly believed that dragons worshipped the darkness simply because they were dragons.

Of course, that couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, some dragons were bad. That happened in every race. It had been explained to him time and time again over the years. There were always destroyers and you couldn't escape that. That each dragon had evolutionary weaponry passed down through genetics through the ages didn't help, though. Even the lowliest of dragons, which Ska'ath definitely was not, possessed the breath of fire, the burning eyes and of course, the piercing tail. Not to mention their natural armor.

Making war on dragons was a terrible mistake, as many of the Lessers had learned over the millennia, most especially the Humans.

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