Ntaro Challenge: A House L'u-cif-er Story (ch. 4) by Acton Bell

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It was as if the Ntaro's mind had turned off. Tenatively, he lowered his shields to reach out and was met with a surge of anger so fierce it robbed him of his breath. The feel of it was familiar. Not cheeck then, but—
"Genji!" he said aloud, startled. He felt through the link that bound him to his love. What is wrong, love? Calm yourself.
The physical distance between them was too great for Viir to read what had angered Genji, but he sensed the other man was regaining control now. He felt a question, knew Genji was worried. I am well, he sent, then allowed the connection to fade to a mere subconscious awareness of his other, not wanting to distract Genji from whatever had sent his temper flaring.
Viir felt a smile curve his lips. Genji was not a pyrokinetic, but his temper was inferno hot when roused. He did not envy whoever was on the receiving end of Genji's burst of anger.
You shouldn't be here! Go away! But it said you would come. Go away! I don't want you here! You're one of them! Your fault! Your fault! It said...because of you! Enemy! Friend! Hate you! Should be...Dead! Dead! Dead! Die! Die! Die!
Viir struggled to hold his shields against the barrage of thoughts and emotions battering him. He pushed back. The force pushing at his mind increased. He was aware of voices, movement near him, but he couldn't turn his attention from his shields. The world had narrowed to the mental image of the wall he held between himself and the mental storm that threatened to overwhelm him.
Time had no meaning. It could have been moments or hours that he fought to protect his mind, the inner core of himself that was ‘Viir' from the invasive presence that threatened to sweep him away.
He felt his shields breaking and knew an instant of fear. Then pain. Brilliant, blinding pain that seemed to sear his soul. Then darkness.
Viir woke slowly, reaching for consciousness then falling back into darkness. He felt muzzy, unconnected. He was aware of a heavy pounding and wished it would go away. It disturbed him. He tried to turn away form it and was rewarded with a sharp pulse of pain that caused him to cry out.
His eyes flew open. A face drawn with anxiety was staring into his own from handbreadths away. He drew away quickly as he saw Viir was awake. "My lord," he said, "are you well?"
Viir struggled to a sitting position, the man he now recognized as the Head of House L'u-cif-er security unobtrusively helping. He was lying on a chatyse stuffed pillow in a room he had never seen before. It seemed filled with L'u-cif-er security.
"Are you well, Lord L'ars-Lyrel?" Thovan, Viir remembered, asked again.
Viir lifted a hand to massage an aching temple. There was something he needed to remember, but he couldn't quite grasp it. "As well as expected Liđsforingi Thovan, with this...." His words faded as he remembered "cheeck Seeyeer! Where is it?" He clutched at Thovan's arm too impatient for words even as his gaze flew about the room seeking the Ntaro.
Unease and an awkward compassion emanated from the security officer.

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