Ntaro Challenge: A House L'u-cif-er Story (ch. 5) by Acton Bell

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The Vidian District spaceport was barely more than a tarmac, an automated control tower, and a few scattered outbuildings that served as hangers or cargo storage as circumstances dictated. The port had been thrown together hastily to meet L'u-cif-er's needs and yet it was still larger than the one in Gerof, Ntaro's main capitol.
Genji parked in the shadow of the L'u-cif-er shuttle sitting on the short off-way. The House security on duty acknowledged he and Viir with brisk nods.
"We are not to be disturbed," Genji told them. He did not wait for an answer but followed Viir into the shuttle, locking the hatch behind him.
The temptation to shower and crawl into bed was irresistible. It seemed as if he had been running forever, though in reality the fire had been only twelve or so hours ago.
Rest was a luxury he couldn't allow himself. After the latest scene with Gemmel and Kia-Kia, needed to—
"Enough, ástvinur." Viir's voice broke into his thoughts. "You must – we must rest. Neither of us is thinking straight. We will deal with all of this later."
Genji shook his head, though it required all of his energy to do so. "We cannot. There's too much—." He stopped as Viir's fingers covered his mouth.
"Later," said Viir.
Genji didn't resist as Viir pulled him toward the shower. It would require too much effort to do so. Instead he allowed Viir to disrobe him and gently push him beneath the warm spray. He sighed as the water pounded the tense muscles, then murmured in pleasure as Viir joined him to wash his back.
Too soon Viir turned off the water. Genji felt as if he could have stood there forever. It was with great reluctance and a tired detachment that he was pulled into the bedroom. Without Viir's guidance it was doubtful he would have found the bed; tired and disoriented as he was, he probably would have simply fallen to the floor and slept there.
As he sank down onto the bed, Genji pulled Viir into his arms. "ÉG ást ţú," he whispered into the slightly damp hair. He was asleep before his next breath.
Genji slept deeply, untroubled by dreams, and woke hungry. Usually the most alert of risers it took him some moments to identify the scents that were tantalizing him as fresh brewed kaffi and smoked síld.
Viir was already eating when Genji entered the small kitchenette and dining area. Several data baubs were open on the table before him, their various arrays highlighted and overlapping. As Genji came closer, Viir leaned forward and, with a quick stroke of the matrix, highlighted another section.
"You are feeling better," Viir said, without looking up.
"Much," agreed Genji. He poured himself a mug of the hot kaffi and took a sip of the pleasantly scalding brew. "Ummhh. How long have you been up?"
"Not long."
Viir looked at him then and Genji was relieved to see the tension and weariness that had been present at cheeck Seeyeer's home had been replaced by the Scholar Ascendant expression.
"I have been searching," said Viir, returning his gaze to his work, "for physical evidence to present to your Councilors, as they will not accept the word of a Psi."
Genji leaned over to scan the assembled information.

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