Ntaro Challenge: A House L'u-cif-er Story (ch. 6) by Acton Bell

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"Dsk Hynl, we have assembled at the request of your master, but it seems he has not seen fit to be present. Can you explain this?" Gemmel's tone carried anger. Its pretense of support for L'u-cif-er had ended and it now allowed some of its true feelings to show, to the evident confusion of some of the Council members.
Viir allowed himself a small smile. The Ntaro thought it had succeeded in driving L'u-cif-er from the field. It did not know the determination of Genji.
They had not overslept. As soon as it was a civilized hour, Genji had begun contacting House personnel and the Ntaro Council. Although L'u-cif-er's assets had been frozen and it no longer had standing, as the investigated party it did have the right to call for a session of the Council. Genji had done so, after fully prepping Hynl and Roghet on what he planned to do.
Hynl stepped a half step forward and said in perfect House First Dsk form, "Most exalted Councilors, we ask your indulgence. Representative L'u-cif-er Kara Genji has been somewhat delayed. With your permission I will present the items Representative L'u-cif-er Kara wished brought to your attention."
Genji was not, in fact, late. He had purposely called the meeting for an earlier time than he intended to be there. There was an innate love of the theatrical in Genji's personality. He enjoyed making dramatic entrances.
"Begin then and be quick about it." The speaker was Hrooot Screescreet. Hynl had identified it as an opponent of the open Ntaro policy. It was quite obviously enjoying the sudden change in L'u-cif-er's fortunes.
As Hynl began detailing the incidents of sabotage, Viir lowered his shields slightly. He bit back a growl of temper. Nothing, merely a general sense of anxiety and impatience that any non-Psi could have picked up. He cursed his unpredictable Talent and tried to tap down the wave of fear that was welling within him. It was absolutely essential that his Talent worked when he needed it to. They would fail and L'u-cif-er's honor would be besmirched if this plan did not succeed. What was worse, Genji would take the burden of failure upon himself.
Viir straightened his shoulders. He would not allow that to happen. They would not be defeated by the small-minded fears of Gemmel and others of his ilk. They would see that dzeert and cheeck Seeyeer received some justice.
Kia-Kia's acidic tones caught Viir's attention. "While this is all very interesting and it pleases us that L'u-cif-er lays out the evidence against itself so prettily, might one enquire as to the ‘why' of it?"
Unexpectedly Viir sensed conflict and doubt from Kia-Kia, an impression of torn loyalties. Before he could attempt to probe deeper, he heard Genji's voice say, "Your pardon Councilors. I was unavoidably detained, but I hope we might continue without further delay."
Escorted by Thovan and Roghet, Genji walked toward Viir and the Councilors. At his side, holding on to his arm with a dazed and joyous expression, was cheeck Seeyeer.
Viir felt a smile spread across his face.

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